God Has Something Better For You!


They say “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”. But, sometimes we get so comfortable with our lives that we began to settle. We settle when it comes to our jobs, relationships, or maybe even our religion. Being thankful for what you have is one thing, but settling for mediocrity is another. Too often we become content with doing and having just enough to get by in life. Making just enough money to provide for our household. Doing just enough work to hold on to our jobs. When in fact, God wants more for us than that.

Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men. (Colossians 3:23)

Sometimes we get stuck in dead relationships because they have become familiar and we have become comfortable. We feel stuck or afraid to seek more fufilling  relationships. We may even feel that it’s easier to stay and deal with toxic relationships instead of leaving the relationship, not knowing if the next relationship will be any better. Well I’m here to tell you, Sometimes things must come to an end so that better things can begin.

God loves you just the way you are, but He loves you too much to leave you that way. He wants us to continuously move forward, steadily growing in our spiritual walk, and keeping our mind open to bigger and better things. Often times, when He see us getting too comfortable with just getting by,  He’ll step in and remove us from our comfort zone.

I always like to reflect  on some of  my low points in my life, and when I think back,  all of them were probably because I had become too comfortable with my life. Not that my life was bad, But God had something better in mind. Something that took me out of my comfort zone, something that challenged me to be a better person, something that was going to blow my mind!

You may be going through something similar right now. If you’re suffering the loss of a job, or heartbreak of a failed relationship, or any other loss, just know that God has something better for you. Don’t give up, The best is yet to come!

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  2. Ok that’s what’s happening to me . I’m getting shoved out of my comfort zone and now what ? Who knows? Who really cares?

  3. To God be the Glory…. I’m encouraged i was about to give up, i’m unemployed and i’ve suffering this for too long, i apply everyday but yet nothing comes through however i believe the best is yet to come it’s never too late.

  4. This one is for me, Thank you .I m reflecting and realising it`s time i get out of my comfort zone. God help me ..I m so pressing on..

  5. Things might not look as I have anticipated, but the one scripture that keeps me going is( Jeremiah 29:11) God knows exactly where I am and I know He will make a way for me, Father God I’m patiently waiting for your timing it is well with my soul.

    • You are not alone on that!!! I have to be very aware and focused on the positives and blessings, but at times it feels like it’s just old….clinging to that, waiting for this to pass and God to move us…. I know He has a plan, but this waiting is spreading me thin and is for the birds!!!

    • Exactly how I feel too, Karleen. At times I feel very guilty for my impatience & feeling perhaps, forgotten. All we can do is pray that we see even a small piece of hope soon.

    • Ha!!! God is no stranger to our impatience!!!! I have full blown tantrums!!! And get so caught up in what I want and mad because He wants different!!! Ugh!!! Guilt is surely a by-product!! And as much as I want out from here He has still given me blessing despite my poor attitude. And yes Keisha I try to pray that I would not allow my disappointment lead my feelings :(

  6. I am recovering from a heartbreak of a failed relationship, but do believe that God is redirecting my life instead of the person rejecting me. And just know that God has something better for me. Amen!

    • I spent almost 7 yrs in a difficult & unhealthy relationship. However, just two weeks after I made the decision to end the relationship God brought/delivered/gave me the perfect man for me, and 18 months later we were married. I am so glad I waited on God, to be ready (39 years old), for the right man for me. Trust Him! He will provide you with the right man at the right time, and until such time, focus on God and being women He has made you to be.

    • @Stella, your story validates mine, rejection hurts, I know exactly what you going throughn but I can quarantee you , it will pass,and when it happens you try to do some. self introspection, wondering what you could have done different to make him love you, but the truth is if he was not meant for you, he was not meant for you, God is just trying to save. or. protect you , trust you will realised as time goes on, some things in our lifes are way beyond our control hence we need to learn to accept, forgive yourself for loving someone who does not want to be with you, let go and let God, its not easy but its worth it, stay strong and in peace not in pieces, God have something good in store for you , love yourself more. , and life has to go on with or without. him. and turn all the wounds into wisdom, and all the best dear.

    • Stella, rejection/betrayal hurts deeply… Jesus knew this fact more than any of us. His rejection/betrayal was so dark that it was even to the point of death, by a familiar hand (Judas). You could have done back flips and jumped through a burning hoop – if it is not meant; it will not last. Stay in faith! God does have someone equally yoked for you!

    • I been there trust me I gave my all to this relationship of five years and the decision to break up wasn’t easy but i had drained me to the point I wasn’t happy with the choices etc it was like a marriage and then a divorce we discuss what went wrong we become friends and I explained we rushed things not to say this will happen for you just know God knows better then us and I keep you in my prayer it one day at a time

  7. Amen, I am recovering from the loss of my job 2 months ago. I was depressed for awhile, but I kept my faith in God. I know he did it before, and I know He will do it again. He is faithful to his children, and I will rest knowing that. Stay blessed.

  8. Jer. 29.:11…”For I know the thoughts that I think towards you saith the Lord. thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” His word is our promise PERIOD. If you can’t believe His Word now, how will you believe it to take you to heaven? He doesn’t lie or break promises…He is the same yesterday, today and forever! Trust in His Word.

  9. I realized this when I spoke with a friend she said breath in and out calm your soul listen to God and read your word things are going and God continues to bless me threw this storm