30 Year Old Virgin: Why I’m Waiting for Marriage to Have Sex


Tomorrow is my 30th birthday. I am officially a 30-year-old virgin. While this may be shocking for some, I know A LOT of women in the same boat with me. I struggled with sharing my story, because of people’s doubt and disbelief. Then it dawned on me that I’d be remiss not to give all the glory to God for what HE did in my sex life, not me. So, here it is.

My family always calls me scary and it’s semi-true, lol. “What was that noise?”, “Why is that man standing over there?” I was known for being overly cautious. I guess my fearful ways spilled over into the bedroom, because the thought of having sex scared the crap out of me. See, if you think I’ve remained a virgin because I’m super holy, you’re completely wrong.

I was scared until the age of 15. It was then I started dating a guy I really liked. It wasn’t long before he began to put the pressure on me about wanting to have sex. This is when I really began to contemplate doing it. I still don’t know if my step-father’s intuition informed him of what was happening, or if he found a note in my room. I believe it to be the latter, lol. All I know is my step-father took me out and asked me a million questions about this situation. Let’s not get it twisted, he wasn’t trying to badger me AT ALL. In fact, he was schooling me on how to handle this immature high school situation, because we both knew I didn’t want to have sex with my boyfriend, but I didn’t want to lose him either. I took his advice, informing my boyfriend that I was worth the wait. Well, apparently he didn’t think so and we broke up. I lost my BOY, but I kept something so precious that is only worth giving to a MAN… my virginity.

Well, two years later at the age of 17, God got ahold of my heart and I completely gave my life to Christ. I realized I couldn’t do anything outside of God and without Him my life was pointless. Pretty deep for a 17-year-old right? Now, I wasn’t perfect. I dated my fair share of guys and kissed a bunch of frogs. However, I never compromised my Christianity by having sex before marriage. I remember when a family member THOUGHT they knew about me sleeping with someone they knew. There was another situation when a guy I was dating lied, saying we slept together. And of course there are the smart comments people would make every blue moon about me NOT being a virgin. I’ve ignored them, but let’s be clear: I heard them LOUD and CLEAR. But I’ll address that later.

We’re all grown here right? I hope so. Did you know when you have sex with someone the 2 of you become 1? “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.” (Ephesians 5:31) When you become one with someone, it’s HARD to let them go. That’s because your body was never meant to become one with a random person in the first place.

Sex is a beautiful thing. However, it’s so beautiful and precious that God put a fence around it to protect it. That fence is marriage. Also, did you know that sexual immorality is the ONLY sin that is referenced to as “sinning against your own body”? “Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a person commit are outside the body, but whoever sin sexually, sins against their own body.” (1 Corinthians 6:18) Who really wants to sin against their own body? I’m so thankful that these were the type of conversations and bible studies I had the privilege to be involved in…that encouraged me to abstain from sex before marriage.

A few years ago, I ran into the ex-boyfriend that was pressuring me to have sex. He saw me crossing the street and honked to get my attention. We exchanged a few words and that was that. As I laid in bed later on that evening, I couldn’t help but to feel extremely grateful to God. What if I would have broken down and gave him my virginity? Only to randomly run into him on the streets years later. No mam. I totally dodged a bullet. But when I think things over, it would have been like that for EVERY relationship I was in, with the exception of my fiancé. Let’s face it, none of those relationships were leading to marriage. They all resulted in me being insecure, feeling rejected, and heart broken. I’m almost sure the pain would have been worse, if I’d given myself to them physically. Talk about an ungodly soul tie for real.

It’s funny how society tries to flip the script and make it seem like if you’re not having sex before marriage, you’re being uptight and ridiculous. Listen, God knows what he is doing. He’s sparing us from a whole lot of unnecessary drama: Single parenting, STD’s, broken hearts, etc. However, we’re only human and I’m aware that this type of drama unfortunately occurs in marriages sometimes. We never understand why, especially when people commit their life to someone before God, family, and friends. All we can do is pray.

Now, I’m no angel and I don’t want you to think it was easy. It was HARD. I remember praying to God like “I’m getting too old not to be sexually active. A sister has needs.” Let me tell you, our wedding date is September 06, 2014 and I am BEYOND ecstatic. I can finally see the light! I’ll be giving my husband a gift no one has EVER gotten from me. It was so worth the wait, but I can’t stress enough that it was solely the power of God. He can keep you, if you want to be kept. This is why I decided to share my story with you or shall I say, testimony.

I don’t care if people believe me or not. All I can do is give glory to God and speak on what he’s done. Of course it seems impossible to remain a virgin in a sex driven culture, but my God is greater. Purity is possible, and you are so worth the wait.

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  1. Thank God for life my dear sister. This is a GREAT and good decision God had given u d grace to take. May He continue to shower u with His love and make yr wedding a blissful and fruitful one in Jesus name.

  2. I am also a 51 virginity..waiting for so long to marry. God give me the strange. I believe it gonna happen this year. All because of Christ.

  3. am 27 years and am waiting am for my god to send me a husband real husband a real husband a men of god even if he doesn’t. Send him I will still wait cz I know my god is trying to protect me from geting hurt

      • I agree to some point. Lets magnify Him in every way, if the bible refers to Him as God and all the other gods as gods, that already shows the difference between the 2. If He was refered to as ‘god’ or written as god would some of the scriptures have made sense? Lets not write of our Father asif He is just a chair. Even a human beings name is written with a capital letter.

    • take heart,we have been rushed and no one will tell you they dont regret it.kip going you have come along way and i believe its worth the wait.

  4. Great article! I was raised to wait until marriage, and I did not. I did however wait until I was with my husband. I was 26 when we slept together for the first time. I don’t regret not waiting until marriage–we were engaged and married within 2 years of meeting. I will say this though–sex is a huge part of marriage. And while I believe that everyone needs to make their own decisions about it, you have to know that if you are not sleeping together before marriage, it needs to be adamantly discussed prior. I know numerous people who waited and now are either in sexless marriages, divorced, or very unhappy with the sex portion of their marriage. And that is serious. Many women I know where waiting until marriage with the thought that because they waited it would be blessed. I don’t know how all that works (I’m certainly not God), but it was an awful experience when it didn’t happen that way.

  5. And I just want to add my 2 ¢ but its sad that you have to keep stressing you aren’t perfect. I’m sure that’s a tactic the enemy uses to discourage you and others. But there is no need to stress this. Back in the day your situation would be understood as “normal ” without you needing to defend it. So yes, you are a virgin and unapologetic about it and its a wonderful thing to be. Congratulations on your impending wedding :-)

  6. Way to go! The part where you said,”A few years ago, I ran into the ex-boyfriend that was pressuring me to have sex. He saw me crossing the street and honked to get my attention. We exchanged a few words and that was that. As I laid in bed later on that evening, I couldn’t help but to feel extremely grateful to God. What if I would have broken down and gave him my virginity? Only to randomly run into him on the streets years later. No mam. I totally dodged a bullet” makes total sense!!! Congrats to you and your soon to be husband! :) <3

  7. God bless and strengthen all the virgins that are abiding in the will and purpose for God in their lives Bless them Lord bless them Jesus Lord according to your riches and glory in their lives. Halleluyah and Amen.

  8. Kate Pierle…the word of GOD, especially on a Christian site, must be the final authority. Sex prior to the marriage covenant is sin.

    Waiting isn’t the only component to marriage…there are unsaved virgins, virgins due to strange anatomy, virgins due to lack of opportunity. There are the full spectrum and this is why we marry those who GOD chooses, we don’t seek counself from unGodly sources and we are to be in the world not of it.

    As someone who has sinned I can most certainly say it definitely wont benefit a marriage but only sanctification and renewing of the mind can.

    The fact that someone agreed means we all need to be covered in prayer and read the word of GOD daily.

    First authority …final authority.

  9. I was a 34 year old virgin until this year. I felt like God had forgotten me and that maybe waiting wasn’t really my plan. (After a certain age, the rejection because of my virginal status had gotten to be too much. Even, so-called Christian guys didn’t want anything to do with me because they all want a woman who is “experienced”. No one wanted to deal with the “mess”.) So I gave in a few months ago to a guy that I felt I loved but knew really didn’t love me. It is the biggest regret of my life. The darkness that the heartache that followed brought me into nearly killed me because I didn’t want to live at one point. It’s the hardest thing in the world to make a soul tie with a person who isn’t meant to be in your life forever. I still feel a draw and connection to this person and no matter what I do, I always will. The waiting may be hard, but the consequences of not waiting can be so much worse.

  10. I did the same, I am grateful…best choice I ever made and my husband loved me even more for it. It’s an awesome feeling for a man to say his wife is his and only his cause no one else has had her…he tells me that all the time. :)

  11. Amen my sister. I believe you becoz I share similar experience with you. I’m grateful to God though becoz all who broke my heart left me with no regrets (still a virgin). Looking forward to give my husband a gift no one has EVER gotten from me. Thank you Jesus! :)

  12. I am soo very happy to read this article! This is something that is not talked about by people now and if it is, it’s to run someone down. I am going to share this article with my youth because this is an amazing thing that they don’t really realize at this age. Thank you SOOOO much for sharing and don’t worry if people believe you or not. I believe you wholeheartedly because I know that our God is able to do the things that the world finds impossible, especially sexual purity!! God bless you and congratulations on your upcoming marriage!!!

  13. Awesome testimony! My daughter got married a few months ago at age 26 and she too was virgin. Her friends teased, but I was so proud of her. God will honor you both. God Bless you and your upcoming marriage!

  14. To all vigin i salute, of having a strong principle, i wish @ pray that you can found a man who value @ honor you but always keep in miind that not virginity can let the man stay for lifetime or treat you good but you must a strong @ good attitude @ close to God is the best. Dont proud of who you are be proud to God for who you are. God bless!!

  15. Though i slept to only one man, who is now the father of my daughter, still what
    i/we did is wrong because we did it before marriage…I believe, SEX OUTSIDE MARRIAGE IS SIN(my personal opinion).

  16. At 34, I’m still a virgin, and so thankful that God has kept me on reserve for His perfect match for me. Thank you for sharing your story!

  17. I’m so happy for you! ,
    I’ll share mine because you have been honest and open with yours.
    I was 16 and with my first boyfriend, we had been together for over a year and a half and he hadn’t asked me about sex not even once. After that year and a half mark he started bringing it up and I gave it (yeah cause we’ve been together this long, we’ll be together forever) Yeah, NOT. He broke up with me about a month later, but lead me on a string because he knew I’d give in because I loved him. Then I kept making mistakes with my relationships and I really wish I would have waited. It would have saved me so much sleepless nights, heartache, depression, and most of my insecurities. I found God and am currently praying for him to help me work on myself and he brought a man into my life that changed me. We have been together for almost 2 years and are getting married on October 25th 2014. God is good, and he always provides.

  18. I’m still a 26 year old virgin… It’s not so easy in this sexually perversed world but its the wait… Thank you God for the abundant Grace

  19. My heart leaped with so much JOY when I read this:) I’m so proud of YOU for remaining a virgin. Chastity is important and I honestly feel people have disregarded that for the sake of ‘moving with the times’. I’m a 25 year old virgin and I’m great full to God for giving me SELF-CONTROL. It’s hasn’t been easy but HIS mercy and grace have been sufficient for me. I have been dating a wonderful man for 2years and he is so patient and is willing to wait till we get married because he knows I’m worth the wait:) I’m great full and blessed beyond words.

    All of the best with the new chapter in your life, may the good Lord bless you with all the desires of your heart in your marriage. And may YOU be a GOOD WIFE and your husband’s small haven.

  20. Congratulations!Glory be to God!You are one of those who chose to live according to the word of God!Good on you girl!May God continue to protect you from the enemy,because believe me my friend,the enemy is not happy about it!With God on your side,the devil is defeated!Amen!

  21. Hello there and yes its hard but truely trusting God he will bring you through any pain that you may going through or feeling yeah I’ve been there but hey the lord works in our lives everyday so we must be obedient to him and do are part as well hey the lord has bless me with my husband because and I’m happily married that’s because God never lack on any of his promises for us and everything that he speaks shall come to path its having faith so yes I trust and believe within him always see God is the only one that truely knows are wants and needs not man. yes we’re human and we think at times that we know what’s best but its sad because we really we have not a clue to what’s really going out there but God is teaching me and many other’s so yes I’ve let so many year slip away but yet God still took the time to come and saved me and he’ll do the same for you to because Jesus truely loves all his children God want us to know that no matter where you come from or what you’ve done in your life he still loves you and that my friend will never fade love of his is everlasting so let God bless you with your soul mate because by us trying to do ourselves we just make a bigger mess for God to clean up Jesus is the only one that can take dealing with these things that we can’t.so let God do his job and thats blessing us with that lifestyle that were supposed to be living through his eyes so yes if your waiting that’s a good thing as long as God is right there in the center of it all because he sees and hears it all so stay in prayer about it and watch God move because he is always in control so keep on being that strong woman that’s gonna do right by the man that already respects form the beginning of time. hey no one can’t make you do things that you don’t want to do people only do watch you allow them to just remember God has your back and he supposed to be our first love because he first loved you and that’s real.

  22. Okay has your husband also reserved his body for only you? Is he also a virgin? This is great story but despite how loose society has become, I still feel like there’s this huge pressure still on ONLY women to keep their bodies as the “most precious gift for their husbands”. Our husbands’ bodies are supposed to be a reserved and precious gift to us as well. But have you ever heard a man say: “I want to wait until marriage because my body is the most precious thing I can give to my spouse”? If anyone has it’s as rare as a blue moon. Of course I agree with this article, that if you haven’t already slipped up and gave it away: keep your virginity, you’re GOD’s temple and it’s a gift. But I also think as Christians we need to share, in today’s era where many have made this mistake, that although it was a mistake, it’s not the end of the world. Why? Because nowhere in the Bible does it say your virginity is the most precious gift you can offer, because that’s not true. I believe being a faithful, devoted and kind spouse thereafter is, and is for more special and important. This ideology that virginity is the most precious is a man-made ideal and has nothing to do with what GOD views as important. If that were the case GOD would’ve never referred multiple times to the Church, which has been repeatedly defiled by cults, false-teachers and pew-warmers, as “His Bride”. I’m still a virgin myself bit GOD has made it that way by His grace and protection. All I mean by this, is for those who aren’t, remember the big picture: being a virgin or not plays no part in whether or not you’ll be the most wonderful spouse for your partner. That’s the big picture.

  23. Wow! I wish I could have been someone to write this. Thank you SO much and may God bless your marriage so big that anyone watching sees Him through you guys! Thank you for your courage to speak. And I am so proud of your commitment to Him and to your husband even though you didn’t know him yet all those years! <3

  24. Every woman wish is to stay a virgin even de ” spoilt ones” in their closets regret for not waiting.The question am asking is this as Godly women are we keepping our virginity as well as our purity or we are keeping our virginity and not our purity? Are we abstaining from sexual intercouse but indulging in other sexual activities that give us pleasure be it solo sex or with the opposite sex?Lets not cheat on ourselve but keep our virginity as well as our purity.

  25. Amen and AMEN for sharing your testimony sis. Been celibate for over 6 years… God is the enabler, secondly, today more than ever I wish I had waited all those years. But by the Grace of God. Don’t mind ignorant people. Let’s live to please God. God bless you for sharing

  26. I’m a 33 year old virgin saving myself for my husband, wherever he may be. :-) Although, sometimes I get discouraged, I keep telling myself it’s going to be well worth the wait because I chose to honor God with my body. Thanks for sharing this wonderful testimony! So encouraging!

  27. Awesome testimony!. I’m 34 & still a virgin, as well as am saving my first kiss until my wedding day. ( I never kissed a guy before at all). It’s been a time of thinking when is God going to bring me my future husband. I know I will have an awesome testimony, just like this woman, but I can’t help but wonder when. I keep thanking God for keeping me for my future husband & can’t wait for that day. God is good, & I can’t wait to share my testimony one day as well.

  28. Wow dis is so inspirational and touching .Women of GOD u opened my eyes.And irrespective of d life i lived before i’ve taken a decision that from now on il wait until GOD bless me with a husband

  29. Amazing testimony! Sometimes I envy this about a Virgin women giving her virginity to her husband- it’s the most beautiful & sacred thing ever- because it pleases God!
    I on the other hand did it all wrong and because of my disbelief at age17 I made a mistake of giving it up. bUT God!! Still has been so a-mazing and he has blessed me and shown me favor and mercy!
    I so appreciate your Testimony it is a great and a impacting one.
    I’m so glad you didn’t keep it to yourself!
    You’re blessing those women that can be uncertain of what their doing by saving their virginity!
    Thank you again and may God bless you above and beyond for your obedience and love for Him!

    • It looks like you are quite aware of your human mistake. God still loves you, and I totally believe He is smiling as you continue to strive to live the life He wants for you.

  30. Beautiful testimony! I commend you for keeping strong and standing firm in your beliefs. Congratulations on your up coming marriage. What a beautiful union it will be! Thank you for sharing. It was a blessing to me.

  31. I waited as well and so did my husband. SO worth it! Our wedding night was so special and I know that if we had not waited, it would not have meant as much. We were both raised in the church and always knew that we wanted to remain pure and we are so glad we can tell our children one day that we waited and they can wait for their significant other too.

    • Lance, we may not ever meet. I am a 29-year-old virgin and I hope that one day (not long from now) you marry a virtuous woman who will bring joy to your life.

  32. Parents play a big role im what their children would turn out in the immediate future. Parents must pray for their children and ask God to protect them against the enemy also teach their children the ways of truth and life of which are God’s ways. They say children are great mimics , so you would want to lead by example as a parent , being open and real to them is a good thing with reference to the Holy Book . When you do they should know that you are confident ,and they too shall do that with themselves and oftenly vow not to depart from your teachings. Parents should learn to pray a good prayer with their children in one room. I wished my parents were the same parents I wish to be to my children, maybe I wouldn’t have passed through the darkest valley alone, and maybe I wouldnt have stayed with ghosts who bruised and scarred me for life. But through it all I still trust who gives me strength and provides me with bread of life.

  33. Thank you sister for your testimony. Very rare hearing someone who waited for their soul mate. I’m a born again virgin , celibate for thirteen years n still waiting. Dated a few but not many since the up roar of sex out of wedlock is imprinted in all of their heads. Sad yes I know; even had one tell me sex in what ppl do when dating n in a relationship we disputed. N he was dismissed so I applaud you for the strength courage n overcoming if the negatives that came your way because of you purity.

  34. i’m 34 & still untouched…
    i’m preserving my virginity not for my future husband but because i respect my own body & i do abide with the Law of God, i.e. have sex only with lawful husband/wife

    We are human being NOT ANIMALS…if you can see, animals are SHAMELESSLY doing sex ANYWHERE with any animals they wanted to.

    Surprisingly, nowadays human became shameless like animals…having sex anywhere, with anyone, & exposing flesh in public like animals…

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  36. So should be beyond proud of your self. So many women give them self’s away just for a good time or pressure. …you rose above it and held on….congratulations to you

  37. I am so happy to know that there are still so many of you out there waiting for God to bring the right person into your life. I was a virgin over 40 years ago and would do it all over again. Don’t let the world change who you are. Continue to be patient and pray and wait upon The Lord. It will be worth it. You have made the right choice. God Bless You with someone very special for your faithfulness.

  38. I recently turned 30 years old and I’m still a virgin. I am a Christian and I am thankful that God has kept me. It’s hasn’t been easy but he has kept me. Never compromised my faith and my body. And I know he will always keep me until marriage :)

    God Bless you and your future marriage!

  39. I was 30 when a got married and I was virgin .., now a have three kids and I’m so happy with the love of my life.. Before that I pray to God for not a handsome man .. A good man and he give it to me…

  40. I may not be an original virgin, but GOD restored me again after having children, I shed blood on my wedding night! I asked the lord and he gave me that petition. Years have gone by and now I find myself married to the lord and I know he will do it again. I have made a vow to be celibate for the lord till I get remarried to the one that God has ordained for me! Trust me it’s a challenge but with GOD all things are possible. It’s going on 3 years and many more to come. Sisters stay dedicated to the Lord and be also aware of the wolves in sheeps clothing.

  41. The sad thing about it is that the people I love the most & care about don’t take my decision to honor god & and my self with respect and dignity. I have been solicited for sex & favors by my own closest over 20years or longer friends and even fam. It so degrading to be treated in this manner. Many think sex is the one thing that is missing and I should have it or I’m not or will be fine or complete?? Seriously! I’m loosing what I thought were real true friends in my personal decision to wait. It will be well with my soul! I am strong, whole & complete. Because gods loves has recused, filled and healed my heart, mind and body! To him be all the glory!

    So I patiently wait on my sweet Black Boaz;): –

  42. Awesome it happens once you are more focused on yourself and what you need to do sex becomes less of a focus

  43. Virgins does exists because there are plenty of new young teens growing every year w/ good guidance of people around them and the Fear of the Lord, these teens will get stronger in their own will to live righteously which not many believes in the virtues of being pure in the eyes of God and man. I hope that we all shape up our young ones to keep their virtues till they got married to a Godly man/woman. Changes comes very far already and it isn’t going to make things turn around just like the way we want the world to be because an evil is always working his ways to get us weak all the time. Keep the faith strong and always trust God.

  44. I wish now that I have waited, but it’s been 9 years since I’ve been celibate :) Ask God to make you a virgin again, it sounds crazy but it is possible!

  45. WOW! glad to see this posting. I am 28 going on 29 in two months and I am still a virgin as well. The only difference is I do not get much support. I get comments like WOW…really? or you sure you not gay? etc. But I want God’s will to be done in my life. So I cry now, wipe away the tears and move forward.

  46. This is a very inspiring story. I’m still waiting for the “man” of my life. I’m 26 going on 27 this December, and I haven’t have any boyfriend since birth. Sometimes, I pity myself and feel envious of other women who have their boyfriends. There are times that I want to give up and stop the waiting so that I would not get hurt for waiting for nothing in the end. But, only God knows why. I know He has a plan and that someday my waiting would come to an end and finally the day would come in which I could see myself walking hand in hand with the man I’ve been waiting and praying for.

  47. we are so special I see our selves as the future marys waiting for our josephs we are pure heart and soul no matter hw many loved us and hated us and some called us nuns I’m 29 yrs and I started think I’m nt a women bt I gt it wrong why rush life live it and when gives u someone be happy and if that someone will do what ever u say he is the one nomatter it takes God is looking for a patner for u be strong never say God has for gotten u for u are his blessed child no diffrent from the. ones who sleep around

  48. GOD is amazing ladies nomatter wat frenz and family may believe its not abt them anyway its abt God and u. l hev dated guys and kissed some frogs bt hev kept my pearl for marriage. imagine how many yrs it teks for a pearl to grow and how precious it becomes,so is virginity, precious and dear.Am now 31 and hev also had my share of people speaking their own minds bt like l sed its not abt them,and tat the price to it all belongs to me.So there is no point worrying abt wat ABC thinks.God is my strength and He along has taken me this far tat l be a testimony too and lm grateful.

  49. I believe that what is more important is keeping yourself because that is what God requires, He wants us to be pure, chaste and keep holy our bodies which are his temples. It is not so much important as keeping your virginity as a gift to your husband. Your husband will only appreciate you and trust that you are not promiscuous but it doesn’t make your marriage a perfect one. Ladies, let’s do it to please God not a future husband who might not worth it and is not keeping himself for you.

  50. Thank you so much for posting your story. I am 21 and still a virgin. My philosophy teacher was saying just the other day how very few females over the age of 12 are still virgins. I disagreed heavily on that. I am so happy to see others who have chosen to wait until marriage like me.

  51. thnks 4 openinq up.Bt am 21 bt also still a virqin,wait’q 4 GOD to show mi z riqht en final person ma heart desirez.So ma fellow virqins don loose hope.GOD qives partners in the riqht time.

  52. me too, i’m waiting for marriage to have sex tho there’s this guy i really like and i got a gift for him for his birthday yesterday but i’m yet to give him his gift, i pray he also follow me and wait for marriage to have sex, i love him so much

  53. I do wish I waited but at the same time I’m bless to have a wonderful daughter that’s the only best that came out of the man I gave my virginity to. God have a plan for each one of us.

  54. I did not wait. No regrets here. Being a Christian has done far more harm to my mental health than having sex ever did.

  55. This was so empowering. I am 19 and waiting to give myself to my husband. I give God all the glory for keeping me throughout my life. I refuse to be a product of my generation. Thank you for this sister!! God bless you and congradulations!

  56. Congratulations on living a FULL life in Christ and thank you for sharing your testimony. I am a 26-year-old virgin and I am always seeking encouragement such as this. It helps a lot to know that I am not “the last virgin on earth” as the evil one will often try to make us believe lol. I only pray that other young men and women come to understand that you can have a real, fulfilling relationship without sex. Furthermore, women can “get that ring” without putting it down in the bedroom. But, of course living a Christian life means understanding that marriage goes far beyond the ring and the wedding. So may God bless you both in your marriage, as you guys are already off to a great start. :-)

  57. I pray that many of us take the time to share this with our loved ones, whether virgins or not. Celibacy is just as important in marriage with our physical spouse, as it is in our relationship with Christ. And I highly respect all virgin males who too, seek the Glory of God as they honor thier Holy Temples.

  58. well done my lady. minus 1virgin in ourlist lol. truly we are not virgins because we are perfect it is God’s grace indeed. i feel like the testimony is not realy full. we would like you to come back to us with a feedback now that you are married how is life, because before it was just you and God your boby was yours. what chalenges did you encounter in a 1st day or two in your marriage for as im counting you are just a week married. was it easy for you to sleep with your husband because sex was just a strange thing to you. you have encourage us to wait in God. bless you for that.

  59. The biggest obstacles to virginity in today’s culture is ageism and sexism along with distrust and pessimism. It’s interesting that someone waiting until 30 is viewed as so abnormal that it’s something to write about. A hundred years ago it would have been the person who had not waited that would have made the news. It’s also interesting that over 95% of the comments were from women. Boys will be boys, right? None of them wait. Two things are needed to carry virginity into adulthood – God and older adults who are waiting. Ageism and sexism take mentors and their encouragement out of the picture.

  60. Interesting. I’m a 31 year old virgin and I already regret it. No marriage for me anywhere in the near future and God has definitely not answered my prayers. I waited forever and I have given up. All my friends who didn’t save themselves for marriage are all married with kids and I’m still single and everyone asking “what’s wrong with her”. I had hoped I’d give myself to my husband but I feel ridiculous and foolish now. I respect where you’re coming from because I use to believe that but now I just don’t. -Disappointed

  61. Thank you so much I am going through that same fight. No offence I really don’t want to wait that long.I am 18 I was with this guy from 14 to 16 years old I left him didn’t like lying to my mother about him. Now I am with him again and for the year and few months we were not together he wouldn’t stop asking to be back with me and he is not a Christian. I am with him again Now 10 months he doesn’t want to leave me and I don’t want to him to go either. Dear I say it I am in love with him but he wants to have sex. He is trying to be understanding but he started having sex from 12 years old and now he is 21. He have sex right round the clock before he meet me. Now he is not having any. Normally I got horny and easily control myself but now it’s getting harder. The hardest part of the Battle is just before it over right? I am going to hold on. Help me to hold on. Just pray for me please.

  62. This is an encouraging article to know that there are still women of God, who are virgins in the 21st century, especially when we are living in a strong DRIVEN sexual environment. I’m excited that I’m 34, and will be turning 35 this year, and still a virgin. I give all the glory to God.

  63. I am 47 and still a virgin. My choice is two-fold first there are a lot of very ugly STD’s you can get. Second, I have a religious belief of not having sex before marriage. But most of all I respect myself to wait until I find the person I am meant to be with. I feel if it is meant to happen, it will. Otherwise, I am ok with my current status. Although, it is something not many people know about me.

  64. My thirtieth birthday is 33 days prior to my wedding scheduled for October 16, 2015. It’s been hard, but I’ve survived. I think that it’s worth it. Additionally, I believe my lack of physical attractiveness, being only 4’11” tall along with both extremely short legs and extremely big feet, has also been an impediment to finding a spouse.
    I’ve finally found someone who excepts me for what I am. I have reciprocated. That’s all that matters.

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  66. I am 28 and also virgin, had on-off relationship with my very first girlfriend (she is martial artist) and suddenly she just break up with me via facebook (she made kid with someone else). After that been single super many years. So ending up a beautiful virgin with athletic body is kind of weird indeed. Especially when they publicly tell lies about my sexuality (they dont know my past relationship, since its my personal secret). Basicly women are really passive towards men and If they give you promise to love you they cheat you by going bed with someone else. So this is the story of my life. Greedings from virgin Ken. Really what you need is someone who is into you without any extra requirements + person must not change who you are. If you are running after someone and they show no interest you are just wasting your time. Seek same valued people and ignore hunting money bitches and women who get easily bed with everyone. When you are kid relationships are easier but when you grow up boy and girl kind of get separated. Women are passive always so you need to start and grab her hand! (My style). But yes some girls also may ask if they can kiss you if you smile (they must already know your smart). Generally you just haven’t met right person or someone jealous tells public lies about you (which ruins your relationship future for that area of residency). BEATIFUL MEN ARE ALSO VIRGIN AT 28 SO IT’S JUST THAT YOU HAVE MET WRONG WOMEN IN YOUR LIFE WHO ARE NOT FAITHFUL TOWARDS YOU. God says everyone has other half (soul mate) waiting somewhere of the world so there must be everyone for everybody who is virgin. Remember religion circles highly value virginity and catholic churches you may find other virgin women at that age 30 because of their religion dedication to stay virgin until marriage.