A Thanksgiving Prayer

For some, the Holidays bring an influx of emotions. Emotions that have neatly stayed tucked away somewhere in our spirits and come protruding out of us at the first mention of “Jingle Bells” or the first sight of a nicely decorated Thanksgiving table. If...

3 Prayer Strategies Single Christians Should Commit To

Marriage is a beautiful thing. Don't be ashamed to pray about it. Here are some of my current prayer strategies that you can use as well.

No Prayer Too Big: Praying Beyond What Seems Possible

I have a friend whose brother and sister-in-law have been unable to conceive a baby. The family is not Christian, so when I was praying to God to allow them to give birth to a healthy baby I prayed that He would use this...

5 Prayers Every Mother Needs To Pray

I am a big believer in a mother’s prayer. All prayers are powerful, but I feel a mother’s sincere prayer is one of the most powerful tools we have has a parent. Praying has been a staple in my life as a parent. Prayer guides me, aides...

Prayer is a Powerful Weapon

Today fans are introduced to the tumultuous life of the Jordan family, and the older, wiser prayer warrior who teaches them to battle life’s challenges on their knees. From the Kendrick Brothers, Alex and Stephen Kendrick- the award-winning creators of Fireproof and Courageous, comes a...
When God's Answer is "No"

3 Questions To Ask Yourself When God’s Answer is “No”

When God's Answer is "No", We can pout now and thank Him later or walk by faith and thank Him in advance.

Patience is a Virtue and Prayer is a Must

Knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. ~James 1:3 After I graduated high school, I stayed overseas with my parents for 6 more months until the following December. During that time I tutored two elementary students. One of them was a little fourth...

3 Things to Remember When Waiting For an Answered Prayer

Prayer is our fastest connection to God. It is our way to ask Him for help when certain situations somehow become unbearable and beyond our control. He hears us through our prayer which eases us from some of the tension and stress in our lives. But what...

A Monday Morning Prayer

Happy Monday! Here's a Monday Morning Prayer for those of you dreading the work week ahead. Have a blessed week!

F​our Keys to Answered Prayers

I give up. Why am I still dealing with this situation? Where is God right now? Ummm, God, are You hearing me? Millions of people around the world have asked themselves those same questions and desperately hoped that God would answer them. There's nothing...