4 Misconceptions About Letting Go

Once you realize you're worth so much more, letting go becomes so much easier.

4 Benefits of Godly Friendships

A Godly friend will want to help us carry our burdens, not add to them.

7 Ways to Stay Focused on God When Worry Takes Over

A mind focused on God leaves no place for the devil.

5 Things to Remember When Faced With Rejection

Rejection can hurt, but If it’s meant to be, you won’t have to force it.

Being Obedient to God’s Call Even When it’s Beyond Your Understanding

Being Obedient to God’s Call Even When it's Beyond Your Understanding

Having a Bad Day? Here’s Something to Think About

Having a bad day? Just remember, God is always at war for us. Even when it seems like He's nowhere to be found, He's fighting for us!

Four Things To Remember When Your Faith is Shaken

When Your Faith is Shaken, don't panic! God can do more for us in a second, than we can do for ourselves in a lifetime.

5 Things To Do When You Feel Unsatisfied With Your Life

Don't expect others to fill your empty cup. They just might be as empty as you are and you'll end up draining each other.

3 Lessons Joseph Teaches Us About Walking In Our Purpose

Many times if you are not careful, the enemy will use those closest to you to discourage you and distract you from what God has called you to do.

5 Ways to Determine Your Calling

Your hopes and dreams may change many times in your lifetime... but God's plans will always succeed.