Life Lessons

4 Encouraging Truths to Remember When God Seems Far Away

Not feeling close to God does not necessarily mean that He is far away.

4 Ways To Be a Godly Influence

Live to be an example of Christ. Your words only say so much, but your actions say so much more.

8 Signs God Is Trying To Get Your Attention

Just when you think God has forgotten about you, He sends a reminder that He’s always there.

5 Unbiblical Statements Most Christians Believe

One of the greatest gifts that God gave mankind was the Holy Bible because the Bible is literally God revealing Himself, and communicating Himself to mankind in written word. Anything and everything that we know about God comes from these Holy Scriptures, and they...

5 Ways to Know if It’s God’s Voice

It can be hard to differentiate between the voice of God and our own thoughts. Here are five key tests to help you recognize which is which. 1) Test the origin (1 John 4:1). Thoughts from our own minds are progressive, with one thought leading to...

Why You Need to Fall In Love With You

While I was out and about last Saturday, I came across a Fall-themed coffee mug that said “Let’s Fall In Love”. Of course I bought it because I love seasonal decorations and the beauty of Fall makes it my favorite season. So I bought...

When You’re Not Sure if The Friendship is Really Worth it

This summer I went on an all girls trip with several of my friends to the Bahamas. I had a ball. I think I can speak for the rest of the group as well and say, "we all did"! It was a much needed vacation...

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Your Mind is Uneasy About Your Situation

If you're overthinking about your problems, Chances're underestimating God's ability to solve them!

5 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Someone Who is Depressed

1. "YOU'RE FINE."  The statement "You're fine" can sometimes be used as a way to let people know "It's all going to be okay." But the reality is, sometimes this just isn't the case. You just don't know if it's all actually going to be...

10 Reasons Why God Allows Trials And Tribulations

We often hear Christians say things like I have been doing everything right. I have been fasting and praying, giving, loving my neighbor, obeying the Lord, reading Scripture daily, and walking faithfully with the Lord. What did I do wrong? Why has God allowed me...