4 Misconceptions About Letting Go

Once you realize you're worth so much more, letting go becomes so much easier.

Why I’m Not Doing a Vision Board for 2017

What if God has some sort of adventure waiting for me that was far more beautiful than my Elmer's glue and old magazine cut-out masterpiece?

Why I May Not Go Home For The Holidays

If the Holidays often bring you some overwhelming emotions, like it does me, I encourage you to lift up this prayer...

3 Ways To Show Someone Love Even When You Don’t Agree With Their Sin

It takes a loving person to love others in spite of their differences.

4 Ways to Delete the Junk in Your Life For 2017

Every day I get nearly 200 emails in my spam box.  I spend a few minutes each day deleting the spam mail.  Today I had an “aha” moment, what if I unsubscribe from all the junk mail individually? That way I don’t have to...

7 Best People To Get Advice From

Some people mean well and have the best intentions, but simply offer very bad advice. Here are the best people to get advice from.

4 Things I Wish I Could Do Over

I was having dinner with some friends this weekend and we got into a deep converstion about the things we would do differently if given a chance. I listened to everyone share their thoughts and regrets. Then it was my turn. At first, my response was;...

How to Defeat the Clutter in Your Life

For years I've considered myself to be adequately healthy: I have great relationships I drink water almost exclusively I stay active I journal I even paid off $25k of student loans in three years But for all those years, I lived with clutter.  I thought it was a "sacrifice" I...

7 Types of Friends Every Woman Should Have

Here are 7 types of friends I think every woman should have... and If you have one friend that is ALL of these, That's truly a blessing.

5 Signs It May Be Time For a New Job

Not every job is meant to last forever, even if at some point you thought it was the perfect job for you. Like relationships, it can take a while to find the one that fits best, and in the meantime there will be a...