4 Benefits of Godly Friendships

A Godly friend will want to help us carry our burdens, not add to them.

5 Signs It Might Be Time To Move On

Whether it's a friendship, courtship, or work relationship... we've all been there. At a place where we find ourselves asking... "Why am I in this relationship?" The writing has been on the wall for a minute. You know the relationship has run it's course, but find it...

3 Things to Remember When Relationships End

Sometimes we try to hold on to people for a lifetime, when God put them in our life for a season.

5 Ways to Be The Bigger Person and Turn The Other Cheek

Don't act out and start sowing bad seeds, because the only one who will reap that harvest is you.

7 Types of Friends Every Woman Should Have

Here are 7 types of friends I think every woman should have... and If you have one friend that is ALL of these, That's truly a blessing.

6 Lessons God Teaches Us About Friendship

Build a Connection “A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” – Proverbs 18:24 How does God define true friendship? It starts with a connection between two people. It is a relationship with several layers: trust, respect,...

3 Tips for Having Godly Friendships With the Opposite Sex

What should friendships between Christian single men and women look like? They say that in all opposite-sex friendships, one person is madly in love with the other while the other is not. The one in love will sit, waiting and hoping for them to realize...

What About Your Friends: Is Your Circle A Positive One?

(Ecclesiastes 4:10)- If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. A true friend is the one who is loving, who helps you find strength in God, who is...

I’ve Apologized But My Sorry Just Isn’t Enough

Prayer Request: Hi, I recently got into a huge argument with one of my friends. She accused me of being two- faced and a backstabber because I accidentally told something very personal about her to another one of our friends. I say accidentally because I...

Ready To Throw Away A Lifelong Friendship

Prayer Request: Please pray for my best friend. We have been friends since elementary school. We have did everything together. Gotten in trouble together. Graduation after graduation. We are inseparable. She used to sneak over my house to go to church with me because her...