Prayer Requests




  • Healing

    Lift my mum feet due to arthiritis and osteo .spurs both feet her mobility is limited these few days.say 3 days
    Pls pray fir her Teresa total n complete .We have seen Drs.mum is on meds n pain killers.She is active in Church and a leader.
    Pls pray for complete recovery mum is 72 years blessed with hope in God
    Restore her health Lord and answer all her prayers.
    Thanking u in advance .sis n bro in Christ.

  • My marriage is on the line.

    My husband said he is filing for divorce. I do not want a divorce.

    1. Shar

      Praying with you Ashley. The devil is a liar!

  • Physical and relationship healing

    I come to you for physical healing I have been sick for 2 years now and I have prayed so much that sometimes I am not sure if the Lord hears me. Please help me pray to cast this disease out of my body.

    1. Shar

      I pray for complete healing for you Nelly. In Jesus\' name.

  • Prayer for financial help

    8 years ago I made a decision that I never would have thought would hunt me this far after. I was deployed and hurt during this time, now the Government wants me to pay back monies I never received please pray for me and my family for financial help during this time. Please pray that God will deliver us from this debt made out of error. Thank you

  • Prayer for New Journey

    Good day

    Can you please assist me in praying because I am about to change my life drastically, and I have so much fear because of the past. I want to believe I am doing the right thing.

  • my bf and i

    My bf and I are going through a rough patch.... Pray for healing and that God would bring us closer together once again... Help me to come back to the woman I was....

    1. Cait

      Is BF short for boyfriend or bestfriend? Just curious.

  • God to restore my family, my marriage

    The past year have lost everything my job 3times
    My marriage I don't have a home and my children are not living with me, am just living with aunt at the moment. pls pray with me for God to restore my family.

  • prayer

    I greet you all in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus christ
    Last time i send a prayer request was when i was looking for a job and God blessed me with one. But now the request i have is to reconnect with my Lord spiritually, i feel so lost and alone and unhappy and i dont think its because of anything i dont have because i have everything that God knows that i need but its because of that connection with Him i long for.
    God bless you all.

  • Praying for a new job

    I am currently looking for a new job, with financial stability, I pray that God blesses me with a new and better job

  • friends struggling in an relationship

    I have one friend in an abusive hostile engagement with a man- I pray for her protection and God move in her life

    also, one friend in a marriage with a man who cheats- please move inher life and heal her and protect her

    daughter- protect her from evil and that she ge baptized
    that I get baptized and free from evil--restore my marriage with Lukasz

  • attack from Satan


    My husband and I were never married through the church and we are both Catholic. We married civilly and we are now living seperate. I do not know if God wants us to continue to be married and if so- I pray for peace and marriage in church and the Holy spirit work in both of us to make us one and cleanse us of all past hurts. I do know that now when I see him I see something evil overtake me..which makes me feel that God does not wnat us together, however I cant help feel that its because of all the evil we have brought into our marriage and now we are dealing with it. I pray that God in Jesus name cleanse us both and free us both from evil and temptation and pain and sepration and heal our marriage and our families. Tha we be as one and live together married in the catholic church.

    It is in Jesus name I pray

    Thank you for your prayers

    I feel Satan wanting me to worship him and putting my family and marriage in jeopardy--I pray for protection

  • Assistance/Advice and Prayer

    I have been reading your articles and I must admit God speaks to me through you. I need advice and prayer. I met a man when I was still in college, I was a devoted Christian and he was not, I compromised on my salvation, conceived and moved in with him. I had the mentality that God would change him but for all this 7year we've been together, my salvation has kept going down. Am 29 he is 29 too and we have 2 sons .I loved him but everything changed in Jan 2014 when he confessed to me that he had cheated on me 4 times with 4different women. I forgave him but I felt like my heart had been ripped off, I prayed to God and even sought the help of a counsellor, he accepted to go buy when the day for counselling approached he told me he couldn't do it. I felt frustrated and begun giving up on the relationship. A month after confessing I caught him flirting despite promising to change. He drinks, goes out parting even till morning a times.
    I have prayed until I got to a point and felt I couldn't do it anymore. We were planning for a church wedding at the end of this year but I suddenly don't feel I should go ahead and wed him.
    I recently met a man, he is my friend but claims to be in love with me. He loves God, he doesn't drink, he prays for me and even shares scriptures with and reminds,encourages me to go to church and seek God. He knows my story and he loves my sons.
    Problem is, I also feel I like him because of his stand with God I even wish I had met him earlier. I am confused, is it OK to leave where I am and give the new man a chance?

    Kindly advice and pray with me. I know God forgave me for compromising on my salvation years back. But at the moment am not happy in this relationship and it is hard to stay devoted to God no matter how hard I try.
    Thank you.

    1. Claire

      Hello my dear... I have been in your boat before. Ihave three children the last one igot from a relationship I jumped In after feeling like the father of my kids had been bad to me... This last man is achristian too but still we\'re went into a relationship without church marriage believe me that one year when I moved in with him we were in so much love and had many plans together but it was the most trying time of my life ever... We reached time ans lacked food even to eat... Everytime I would condemn myself and that\'s what happened on his side too. Time came for me to have his child but we couldn\'t even pay for our medical bills... We were evicted from the house we couldn\'t pay anymore.. My heart started telling me I was so quick to decision. To cut the story short we part ways and am staying alone with my kids and believe and let me advise you to make the right decision which is to pray to the Lord and ask the other man to be patient with you, if its of God no man can block... Sometimes were consumed by vulnerability, we feel we need someone to comfort us.. Do now this is what could possibly be with the new man you feel his completing you from this other scaring life of marriage at home... Give yourself time to heal&refill again in the word of God and don\'t put yourself to tempting moments. God is faithful.. Sorry long post iwish you a blessed Godly decision.

  • Problems

    Please pray that God will soon provide solutions to my problems, status, situation & concerns. And that I will have the strength while undergoing this crisis. I'm very scared, anxious & desperate but I don't want to lose hope.
    Dear Lord, please keep me close & hold me tighter when it seems that I'm losing my grip on You .
    Thank you.

  • I feel like I'm cursed and at the end of the road

    Hello, My name is Renee and I need all the prayers I can get. I'm in my mid 30's and feel like giving up on life. I have struggled so much already with not being able to follow my dreams because of lack of money. My family always been low income and settling for whatever they had and not going for more. I've always tried to break the generational curses. I've always prayed to have the curses removed but I find myself still struggling no matter how far I go I still can't reach my goals and end up at Zero again. I tried starting several businesses and they all failed. I was married for almost 17 years only to find out the man I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with had a secret life and ended up tearing down the rest of my low self esteem. I don't have a lot of family support so I'm battling everything alone. I entered into an unhealthy relationship with a man who is sepatated from his wife. I found out they've been calling me names as if I were scum behind my back when I was the one there for him when no one else was. She cheated and left him insecure and all he does is blame me for everything bad that happened in his life. I've been faithful and he cheated with a prostitute. I forgave him. He intentionally walks into other females or stares at them constantly then tells me I'm crazy for thinking he's doing things. He's a narcissist. Always says I'm doing thing's when he has done those things to me. All I do is cry and pray for him to change but he refuses. I feel tired and I'm stressed to the point of wanting to end all the misery in my life. I don't want to kill myself but I feel like what else is there left? I have nothing, I have no one to love me, and I feel stuck. Please pray for me! Help me to be stronger and walk closer to God. I need deliverance and peace.

  • addiction

    PRAYING for my daughter Brooke to be healed from addiction and homosexuality. She is in treatment for addiction. PRAYING for God to intervene. Thank you in the name above all names, our Lord and Saviour, JEsus Christ.

  • Problems

    Please pray that God will soon provide solutions to my problems, status, situation & concerns. And that I will have the strength while undergoing this crisis. I'm very scared, anxious & desperate but I don't want to lose hope.
    Dear Lord, please keep me close & hold me tighter when it seems that I'm losing my grip on You .
    Thank you.

  • Breaking the chains and protection

    I would love for you guys to pray for me That will be such a blessing right now I'm dealing with heavy family problems and I feel stuck and I know that I need to break the chains to finally feel free and able to move forward in life,I'm also praying for protection from all evil for my son and I
    Thank you

  • Prayer Ahead Of Surgery

    Please say a silent prayer for me

  • Tammi

    Please pray

  • Marriage

    marriage please