What is God Calling You to do? 3 Things To Consider in Pursuit of Your Purpose

Two weeks ago, I began the first steps in following God’s calling on my life for me to be in full-time ministry.

My husband and I both felt that God is now telling us that I should not continue teaching middle school, so that I can devote my time and energy to working for God.

Walking away from the safe and secure job of teaching to go into ministry is very challenging to my faith and trust in God.

As I have started down this exciting path of solely following God’s calling with no back up plan and no security blanket, here are some things I have learned.

These 3 things you should also consider if you are in pursuit of your God-given purpose…

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Lydia Young

a Christian writer with the passion to bring people into the freedom that can come by living a sold-out life for God. I have authored my first book, Dry Bones Livin’ (available on Amazon as a print and kindle book)


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