10 Things Every Girl Should Learn from Her Mother

6. How to be bold and let her voice be heard. 

I love telling my girls just how amazing they are.

I encourage them to pursue their dreams with a fire and passion and never allow anyone to tell them what they can’t do.

I urge them to ask questions and share their ideas and not just sit in a room quietly. We miss opportunities when we don’t open our mouths.

7. How to give every goal her everything.

We must teach our little ladies not to half-do anything.

Highlighting the results of poor performance is an excellent reality check to utilize with our young girls.

It must become clear to them that hard work is a necessity for any worthwhile success.

8. How to overcome adversity. 

As women we had to learn how to overcome.

As a result, we were able to strengthen our character with every challenge.

Our girls must learn how to stand strong during times of trial. We must remind them there is a lesson to be learned in every moment and that they too are survivors.

9. How to be of service.

This life is not our own, we were created to be love as well as give love.

Teaching our daughters the value of volunteering and assisting those in need will greatly shape the women they will become.

10. How to care for a family

Again, this is another one our children will learn simply by watching.

We have to show them not only how to love and support their family, but also how to ask for help and take that much needed time for themselves.

A variety of life lessons will surface as a result of our mothering styles.

In order for our girls to blossom into the women we pray they will become, we have to mindful and intentional with what we demonstrate for them daily