3 Biblical Truths About Envy And Jealousy

2. Jealousy is more detrimental than wrath or anger.

Wrath is cruel, anger is overwhelming, but who can stand before jealousy? – Proverbs 27:4

The spirit of jealousy is very detrimental among women, especially Christian woman.

Why can’t we just be happy and celebrate when our sister gets her blessing she’s been waiting/praying on, instead of eyeing her and making her uncomfortable because of the worldly way we may accuse of her getting her blessing.

If you have this spirit upon you, you may question or 2nd guess yourself and your abilities, again forgetting that what God has for you is for you along with YOUR OWN set of blessings.

Jealousy is of the flesh, and fleshy desires/acts never work out for the good of God.

Jealousy can have you so caught up that it could destroy your life, because you’re too busy noticing what she has while you could be losing everything.

When you recognize this spirit in your presence, remember you have the power of the Holy Spirit within you to overcome it; Call it out.

Move forward in Faith and ask for the covering of the Blood of Jesus. Remove yourself from that spirit and pray for that Sister.

Ask God to open her eyes so she can see her own blessings.

Show your Godly wisdom and discipline

If you feel you have this spirit upon you, STOP and REPENT!! Ask the Holy Spirit to come in and bind that spirit, so you can see your own blessings God has for you and has provided for you.

Submit to God. Have Faith and read the Word of God in the Bible. Once you are equipped with the armor of God, the attacks and spirits of jealousy will have a hard time entering your atmosphere.


Written by Renisha Oubre


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Mary Hurlbut

Thank you, this really helps me.

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