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7 Powerful Prayers For Guidance and Direction

Cast Your Care on Him

Jesus said, “I am the vine.” He talks in John 10:1-18 about how the sheep know the shepherd and the shepherd knows and cares for the sheep.

We might not really understand that, but we can think of the way a loving parent cares for a child or the way you might take care of a friend you care for.

In your prayer time, thank God for all the ways He cares for and protects you.

If you’re ready to cast your care on Him, say this prayer:

Heavenly Father, I’d like to apologize to You right now.

Sometimes I forget to cast all my cares upon You, and spend more time and effort in worrying than focusing on the peace that comes from resting in Christ.

Help me to open my understanding through Your Word and realize that worry not only robs me of our joy and peace in the Lord, but is rooted in the sin of unbelief.

Whenever I am lost, please provide me with a better understanding that You alone are the One that will replace foolish worries with divine wisdom. Amen.