Peace In The Storm

One of the best feelings is giving it to God and suddenly you’re at peace, just because you’ve prayed about it.

Are You in Need of Spiritual Cleansing?

Are you in need of spiritual cleansing? If so... don’t settle for what just looks good on the surface. Go deeper!

A Heart Fully Surrendered to God

When you have a heart fully surrendered to God, it's not about what you've lost, it's what you stand to gain!

Why Does God Allow “Bad” Things to Happen to Good People?

When "Bad" Things Happen to Good People, it's easy to question "Where is God?". Hopefully this article helps.

Will You Be Prepared?

I simply smiled as I sat reading a great book titled “Reverse the Generation Curse”. As I talked to God, I began thinking of all the many blessings that he’d bestowed upon me. As I sat on the couch that brisk Sunday afternoon, I glanced...