God Sees You Sis!

3. He sees your faith wavering.

He’s testing your patience and faith.

Matthew 15:23 has one of the most unsettling phrases in the Bible; “But He answered her not a word.”

If Jesus had Facebook messenger, this would rank #1 as a ‘seen’ but ignored message.

While it may have seemed odd that Jesus did not answer this woman, this moment of ‘patience-testing’ would be used forever as a sign of great faith.


4. He sees the perfect time to act.

He will respond at the right time.

God clearly says, “In an acceptable time I have heard you, and in the day of salvation I have helped you” (Isaiah 49:8).

God’s ways are past figuring out and His judgments are unsearchable. While we won’t fully understand His timing, we can still trust that He hears our prayers and He will answer at the right time.

All of your messages and prayers to God are seen and heard. In His time, He will answer in the right way.

When we surrender our hearts to Him daily, we can ensure that we are not hindering His responses.

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