Should I Continue To Pray For a Marriage That Only One Person Wants?

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Prayer Request: My husband of 2 yrs has shared he is not in love w/ me and doesnt feel he ever will be. We are on the brink of filing for divorce. I love this man with all I have and committed to God I would be in this union until death do us part. I am so hurt, afraid, and lost. I am uncertain if I should continue to pray for a marriage that only one person wants.


Any advice for this young lady? Please be nice!

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Sjoe this is hectic. The only thing that I can ask you to do is to pray. You heard from your husband, now you need to hear from God. What does God says about this situation. Please fast and pray. If you have someone very close to you that you can trust ask that person to fast with you. During your fast spend time in Gods word, in His presence, Be quiet so that you can hear from God. This must be very painful but I believe that in this unpleasant time God is there because He promised never to… Read more »