5 Godly Habits That Keep Us Close to God

Godly habits be closer to God

Godly habits be closer to God

If I look back at the seasons of my life since becoming a Christian, there is an absolute correlation between my closeness with God, and the quality of my relationships, finances, ministry, career path… pretty much everything else in life.

This shouldn’t come as a shock, of course. We all know life improves when we’re in God’s will, because He not only knows what’s best for us, He desires it.

The problem is, even the strongest of Christians can lose sight of the simplest of truths, and fall out of the good habits that ultimately leads to experiencing less God, and a less abundant life.

Think about the times when you’ve been happiest, and most peaceful in your life, and the times when you’ve been less than.

It’s usually pretty clear how deeply our walk with the Lord affects our thoughts, decisions, and general satisfaction in life. Here are a few solid reminders we all need now and