We should strive to be the praying woman, we want our daughters to become. Here are 6 ways to keep God at the head of your family.
Pray and start believing that things are going to change for the better. Where faith grows, miracles blossom.
When God's Answer is "No", It can hurt and leave us confused. One thing I've learned is we can pout now and thank Him later or walk by faith and thank Him in advance.
When your day starts with prayer and ends with prayer, there’s no need to worry about anything else in between.
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If you're going through a difficult time, just remember it may seem like God is doing nothing, but God is always up to something.
Finding peace when your prayers go unanswered can be hard, but you must remember not to let your feelings get more powerful than your faith.
How many times have you prayed and prayed for something and although He didn't rescue you when you thought He should, God was right on time?
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Live life on purpose. God made you as you are, in order to use you as He planned. 
Praise God even when things are not going your way. Praise Him continuously, not conditionally!
Prayer is powerful! But remember, when God answers prayers, He will do it His way, for His reasons, and in His timing!
It is only through Christ alone that we gain the strength to conquer Faith over Fear and Bravery over Weakness.
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