When Fear Controls Your Life

When you face uncertainties, fear not.  God is already in the future and He has prepared a promising tomorrow for you.

When you are afflicted with sorrow, fear not.  He will wipe away your tears.  Your trial is temporary.  The triumph that awaits you is everlasting.

When people try to destroy you and plot things to harm you, fear not.  No weapon formed against you shall prosper.

Fear is not of the Lord.  Fear steals your joy, destroys your hope and stops you from loving.

Fear can paralyze you and kill you softly.  Who would want such a life?

One thing you need to know about fear is that refusing to face it, will not drive it away.

It will only take other forms and manifest itself somewhere else, but in the end, the result will be the same: you stop living. Maybe not physically, but mentally, emotionally, and maybe even socially.

We cannot remove pain because it is a part of being human.  

We will never know or realize our potential, our capabilities, and our limits if we do not face fear head on.

We will never find out if what we fear for is valid unless we face it.

Fear of the unknown is normal.  What is not is letting fear dictate the way you live and limit you from what you can do.

Everyone has fears.  But not everyone can or is willing to face their fears.

When you want to try something but are too afraid of what might happen, face it.  Bravery is after all not the absence of fear.  Bravery is doing it afraid.