4 Benefits of Keeping a Prayer Journal

benefits of a prayer journal

What are the Benefits of Keeping a Prayer Journal?

“Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it..” Habakkuk 2:2

One of the most nurturing things you can do to facilitate your spiritual growth is to keep a prayer journal.

A prayer journal is a means of intimate communication between you and God. It is a way to spiritually share yourself with God and with yourself.

As you pour your thoughts out to God, you reveal dimensions of your soul that often you are not aware of.

Personally, I have countless experiences of distorted perceptions being corrected or seeds of unforgiveness being uprooted as I communicated to God through journaling.

There are different ways to keep a prayer journal. In its most simplistic form you can write down your request, thoughts and feelings to God in the form of a prayer.

But one the most effective ways to journaling that I highly recommend is dialogue journaling. This is a format of recording the dialogue between you and God.

It is an invaluable way to learn God’s voice and develop a deeper relationship with Him.

The benefits of a prayer journal are far too numerous to list in this format, but here are a few that will inspire you to start journaling…

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You’re so right! Prayer journaling has allowed me to see so much deeper into myself. I have a better understanding of God’s work in my life, because I have a deeper understanding of my own thoughts and perceptions.

I also am able to see more clearly when I’m falling into a rut in my prayer life, and journaling helps me get right back out.