why should i pray

Have you ever wondered, ” Why Should I Pray if God Knows Everything ?”

If so, you are not alone.

You see, I grew up in the church and I too struggled with this question. I was that child who would ask questions of that nature in Sunday school.

Like the time I asked the Sunday school teacher “Why hadn’t God answered my prayer about giving my family a bigger house which we desperately needed?”

Or “why hasn’t my dad attended church even though they regularly prayed for his attendance?”

And as I got older, I had another question: “Why should I pray when God doesn’t answer?… What was the point?”

But while I challenged the purpose of prayer, I did pray. I prayed because at times I did not know what else to do. So I prayed hoping it would work, that I would get an answer.

However, I have learned the true purpose of prayer. I have learned that prayer is personal and it has more to do with who we are becoming than what we are asking for in prayer.

A perfect example; in my personal life, is that time I was in prayer about my finances. I was seeking God to get out of a mountain of debt that I had accumulated. I prayed and waited for God’s answer to come to me in the form a big win or some miraculous money giveaway . But that’s not what happened.

Instead, God was dealing with the issues that got me into debt in the first place–poor money management and habits that I had created. He started changing my spending habits and my reliance on credit cards. And my bad habit of applying for credit just to save a couple of dollars. God had to first deal with the habits that got me into debt in order to get me out and keep me out. He had to create in me, new habits that were responsible and prudent in spending, saving, and giving.

It took me a very long time to understand the the things I asked for in prayer allowed God to mold me into the person He needed me to become.

If you have ever wondered … ” Why should I Pray ? “…

Here are 5 Reasons Why you should pray :

1. Prayer is God calling us.

…to commune, fellowship, and guide us into a relationship with Him similar to that of a parent and child. It’s what make our connection with God personal. In fact, our desire to pray is always an invitation from God.

Pray to worship Him (Psalm 95:6-7).

2. Prayer is God listening to us.

Not only does God call us to prayer, but while in prayer God is listening to us. Not just words we express, but the emotions behind them. God is listening to our hearts in prayer so that we can fully embrace His answer.

Pray acknowledging He is God, and that you accept His gracious gift, Jesus Christ, as your Lord and Savior (Genesis 17:1Romans 6:16-18).

3. Prayer brings preparation.

Sometimes we pray for things we are not quite ready for. Prayer prepares us.

Sometimes it is through prayer that we can successfully approach some of life’s most difficult events. Prayer deals with our fears. It gives us a new and more refreshing perspective in every difficult situation. Prayer may not immediately change our situation, but it has the power to immediately change the way we see that situation and consequently the way we deal with that situation.

Pray with thanksgiving for all the ways He blesses us (Philippians 4:6).

4. Prayer brings peace.

Life challenges have a way of disorienting us by creating confusion and mishaps. But when we pray to our Heavenly Father we begin to feel at ease where we are restored to a place of peace and restored to a a place where we can effectively serve His purpose.

Pray when we are ill, lonely, going through trials or interceding for others (James 5:14-16, 2 Corinthians 12:9-10).

 5. Prayer brings clarity.

Prayer will open up our spiritual eyes. No matter how bad a situation may appear, light will always be revealed in darkness. However, that light must be recognized and turned on from within us because that’s where the Holy Spirit dwells.

Prayer has the power to reveal to us to the “light” , the good even in the darkness .

Pray for (spiritual) understanding and wisdom (Proverbs 2:6-8Proverbs 3:5).

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Sandy Bastien
Sandy teaches women entrepreneurs how to translate their God-given gifts, talents and abilities into work that service people and honor God's Kingdom.


  1. I like to think of prayer as tuning a radio. It’s not that He needs to hear from us, it’s that we need to hear from Him, and we do that by fiddling the dial on our spiritual radio, trying to get the right station. Praying can be very rote and repetitive, even when sincere, even when, or especially when it is desperately heartfelt, but it serves as a guide leading us towards God, if we can just get in tune. I think that God answers our prayers constantly, the only question is: are we listening? And we so often aren’t, we’re trying to give orders, or even requesting specific delicacies as if God operates a smorgasbord and we’re browsing, turning up our nose at the broccoli while looking for the bacon.

    A lot of people stop believing in God because He’s so bad at taking orders, as if He’s the Heavenly Waiter. If prayer is treated as a statement of demands then it’s going to fail every time. It if is an attempt to align oneself with Heaven, then it is always a success, even if none of the desires expressed are filled. Unfortunately for me, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, the one request I get a response to every time is ‘help me endure my trials with patience.’ I’m not naturally patient, so it’s always the boost that gets me through. I’d much rather skip past the trials and get the learning for free, but it just doesn’t work that way.

  2. Always Jesus Christ showed us how to pray we 40days prayed at Gethsemane he prayed ceaselessly he prayed, as believer in old testament we see sacrifice and incense they use to put in new testament it is prayer which moves Gods hand and blesses us

  3. If you don’t talk to God, should you expect him to listen. God likes to communicate with us. Pray is our way of keeping our link to God open all the time not just when you have a need that you want filled. How would you fill if no one talked to you and just expected you to know what they wanted.

  4. Philippians 4:6, ” Be careful for nothing, but in All things through prayer ( conversation) and supplication (request), with Thanksgiving make your request known into God and the peace of God which passers all understanding will keep your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. God just wants you to talk with him and let him know what you desire. He already has a plan for your life, which exceeds anything you can ask or think.

  5. Prayer changes everything… We always communicate to God knows his will by his grace… Pray for give us strenght wisdom and have faith on Him… We need to talk to God by means of prayer He knows everything from us if we pray we feel comfortable peace of mind and we let God handle everything by having faith because He knows whats good for us and we need guidance through God… Prayer to thank Him to ask what His will… God is gracious…

  6. He like for us to talk to him even tho he knows it’s called confessing with ur mouth to ask for help he knows our needs but to pray is so beautiful I luv to pray and talk to god he is our father it’s called commucation ❤I luv god so much


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