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  • Maintaining Your Christianity on Social Media

    woman on cell phone

    If you’re anything like me, “being in the world but not of it”  has always been my greatest challenge.  While l’ve  made up my mind that certain places, people, and things are not conducive to my walk with Christ–this social media thing has really taken a toll on me, and […]

  • I Forgive, But I Don’t Forget

    Woman struggling with forgiveness

    I’m going to be honest here. The subject of forgiveness always used to make me feel uncomfortable.  Anytime I’m given the task to examine myself, it always seems to show up. Here’s my problem: “I forgive, but I don’t forget”.   Recently, I realized that not being able to forget is […]

  • 5 Things We Can All Learn From Children

    children playing

    Inside every adult body, I believe there’s a child-like spirit or memories of one. As grown folks, childhood memories can be priceless tools to assist us and venture out to do something new, something great, something outside of our comfort zone. For me it was starting a business. Recently, I […]

  • 10 Ways to Build Healthy Relationships

    healthy relationship

    There are certain sayings that on the surface appear to be a bit selfish. Like the saying “I can do bad all by myself ” or “I don’t need no one. It’s team me, myself and I”.  While these sayings may sound like they’re coming from a place of arrogance […]