10 Bible Verses to Reassure You That God is Listening to Your Prayers

listening to your prayers

Some of us spend a lot of time wondering if God’s listening to us.

If our prayers aren’t answered within our set timeframe, if we ask to hear from Him but only notice silence, we can feel as though He’s not paying attention to our needs.

But God is always listening to us, even if we don’t hear Him. More often than not when we can’t come to terms with why He hasn’t given us what we want or made it clear why we can’t have it it’s not because He’s not paying attention to our needs, He does constantly, but because we’re not paying attention to them.

How many times have you asked God for something, felt that He was punishing you by not giving it to you and then later on discovered that He was actually protecting you?

How many times have you desired something but not actually prayed for it, instead hoping that God would just make it happen?

It’s crucial for us to remember that even when we don’t hear, see or feel God’s response, He is there.

Losing confidence in prayer as a tool to communicate with Him will not only be detrimental to our prayer life but to our spiritual life as a whole.

If you’ve been talking to God and you’re starting to lose faith that His ears are open to your prayers or a particular request, these Bible verses will help to refresh your memory when it comes to what you need to do to reach out to Him and have Him respond.

Here are 7 Bible Verses to Reassure You That God is Listening to Your Prayers…


Written by The Praying Woman

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Amen to that!
Dear Father, Guide us with Your Holy Spirit!


Neo Mofokeng

Beautiful, Our God Is Really Faithful, God bless U



Chloe Escott

Amen Yessssss Lord Jesus thank You for hearing my prayers, and for hearing me when I call thank You Lord Jesus thank You!!


AMen lord jesus..HELP me all my need LORD!!

Kate Schenscher

Thank you Jesus Amen

Beautiful! Just the encouragement I needed. God bless you and yours.

Amen. Thank you Lord.


i agree

Thank. You Heavenly Father foralways andwe1ring our prayers in Your way& You time

Amen and amen

Really needed this. Amen

You have said it all Amen

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