10 Bible Verses to Reassure You That God is Listening to Your Prayers

listening to your prayers

Some of us spend a lot of time wondering if God’s listening to us.

If our prayers aren’t answered within our set timeframe, if we ask to hear from Him but only notice silence, we can feel as though He’s not paying attention to our needs.

But God is always listening to us, even if we don’t hear Him. More often than not when we can’t come to terms with why He hasn’t given us what we want or made it clear why we can’t have it it’s not because He’s not paying attention to our needs, He does constantly, but because we’re not paying attention to them.

How many times have you asked God for something, felt that He was punishing you by not giving it to you and then later on discovered that He was actually protecting you?

How many times have you desired something but not actually prayed for it, instead hoping that God would just make it happen?

It’s crucial for us to remember that even when we don’t hear, see or feel God’s response, He is there.

Losing confidence in prayer as a tool to communicate with Him will not only be detrimental to our prayer life but to our spiritual life as a whole.

If you’ve been talking to God and you’re starting to lose faith that His ears are open to your prayers or a particular request, these Bible verses will help to refresh your memory when it comes to what you need to do to reach out to Him and have Him respond.

Here are 7 Bible Verses to Reassure You That God is Listening to Your Prayers…

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  1. Came at a perfect time. The dark tunnel Im in, I can’t seem to get out. And my only place for running too is God. Sometimes I feel like it’s pointless prayers because I ask over the same things over and over and cry on them all the time it’s brought up, I feel like a broken record with what’s hurting and with what I would want God to answer.

    • i was going through tough en hard situations in my life lack of job broken family broken relationship rejection name them but one day in church my pastor taught us to be thankful for everything tht instead of praying asking God to do something i should thank Him for tht thing en believe He has done it already, ,,,with tht positivity i discovered my talent en right now i earn through them cnt go looking for a job again ,,God wl lift you up,,,,always thank Him even wen you feel you dnt have a reason to do it

  2. “Don’t quit pursuing the Dream,but rest to gather enough energy to come back stronger when you’re weak….”
    Don’t give Up #Gracious_God_got_Us always

  3. Well Lord that is your intentions to limit the enemy do what we’re supposed to be doing and that is to love you with all our hearts all our minds and all our thoughts so Lord let us be an instrument for you upon this Earth and in heaven the way you want us to be and this is not being a robot this is pleasing only to only your heart may it be so in your precious name thank you Lord for believing in US to love and to please you in Jesus name amen dear Lord protect those they’re protecting us and leading guide them in a way they never knew before let them know that they’re safe in your arms and you won’t let them be harmed in Jesus mighty name amen and amen Lord keep all those in authority safe from Harm’s Way and show yourself the Way You Are on this Earth as it is in heaven so they may know you and know your ways in America come back to their first love amen praise you Lord for making us who we all are and thank you for that because you loved us first we can live for you

  4. Sure. But recently, God has always answered all my prayers even the ones I said years ago and thought he doesn’t want to answer. Now I have never heard joy like this in all my life because I just find out that he finds me worthy to care for me not because I’m a good Christian but because he just decided to focus on me. Smiling…… I love Jesus. He is real.

  5. Prayer without ceasing, big book sez so. and I don’t have to be knelt down to do. I pray working, playing, singing, etc… I ain’t muslim don’t need no mat wherever I am God knows where i’m at!

  6. Father in Heaven Thank You for being here for me and my family.. i intrust everything to You protect us from harm ..You have promised me that You never leave me nor forsake me and my family and i pray that no evil form shall prosper against my family in the name of Jesus..

    • You’re more than a conqueror God Made You to have the victory you win every time no matter what it looks like he’s turning it around for your good never give up and keep on praying he hears every word you say just like you’re talking to a person and he’s even greater than that more wonderful he loves it when you spend time with him

    • You are the head and not the tail you belong to God and he is yours to share his Love because his Love is endless for you, if you’re the only one on this Earth he would have died for just you because he loves you that much there’s no love greater and no love stronger to keep you safe in his arms just ask for favor and ask him to help you through it all God has always been there for us anything you ask he will do but be certain it’s in his will for you that you can follow your father Abba it’s our lives just like yours and many others that’s why he shares his love because to him you are very special and that will never change amen God bless you sir

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