4 Things Single Christians Should Know

single christians

4 Things Single Christians Should Know…

1. There’s nothing wrong with having a healthy desire for a husband

I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, that you not stir up or awaken love until it pleases. – Song of Solomon 8:4

If you are happy, content and completely loving your season of singleness, good for you! It’s great that you are able to live your life fully without feeling the pressure of being married. But unfortunately, that’s not everyone’s testimony.

For those of you:

Who are ashamed of your marital status 

Who feel that God has forgotten about you;

Who think your married friends are insensitive to your needs

Who feel like you are not close enough to God just because you want to get married, I want to offer you a little encouragement.

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Marcee Woodard
Marcee Woodard is a Christian Counselor who guides single women through self-discovery and teaches them how to love so that they can attract the relationships they deserve.
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  1. Debra… hi, I tag you since I think we share the same struggle of waiting and the process of waiting… Gods time not ours… I know it but not always easy to accept it

  2. This post was made for me to read. However, marriage was not a strong desire for me but I always said many times I want kids from my husband someday. Not a one night stand, temporary relationship, etc. So in order for that to happen of course marriage will happen at the right time.

  3. I actually think God is trying to tell me something coz im kinda focused too much on marriage, may God help me. thank u, continue with the good work ur doing, u are helping a lot God bless u

    • Hello,I hope you are doing good? I really want to start making friends with you if you don’t mind please add me,I really appreciate your kind heart,God bless you

  4. I will cherish the day that God sends me my husband and I will love him madly, but he will never be my number one, that spot is reserved for God alone. He will however, be my number two ! ❤️❤️❤️

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