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When God’s Reasons Become So Clear

Sometimes we have to go through things, to get us to focus on the things we should have been focusing on all along. If you’re looking for clarity on a situation today, ask God to reveal what it is that He wants you to focus on.

It’s funny how you can meet someone only once, but yet that person will stay in your mind forever. I remember sitting in a Starbucks surfing the web as a young lady came and sat not too far from me. She continued to hold a conversation on her cell phone and I continued to act as if I wasn’t listening. Not that I was intentionally being nosey, But whenever I hear someone mention God, my attention automatically peaks. I can’t help it! The young lady was telling someone that she had recently lost her job. She had been working the night shift for almost 3 years. During this time, she would leave her 2 children at home with their dad. A couple of  weeks after she lost her job, her daughter revealed something to her that she wasn’t quite prepared for. She had been molested repeatedly by her dad while her mother was working during the night. She went on to tell her confidant that her faith in God was slowly slipping away. I wanted so bad to tell her how much God loved her. Although she couldn’t see it at the time, It was clear to me that because she had lost her job, she was now able to protect her precious baby by staying home with her at night.

Sometimes we are so quick to blame God for everything, Yet we give Him credit for Nothing! No matter what happens in our lives we must never lose faith in God! Everything He does, is done out of love. So when He takes something away from you, trust that it’s for your own good!