Dreana Weston

If I had to describe myself using just one sentence I would say… “Even on my worst days, I love to encourage others.”

Tested But Still Trusting

When you're Tested But Still Trusting, the enemy does not stand a chance. Keep trusting God and soon these tests will become your testimonies.

When God Doesn’t Approve of Your Relationship

Sometimes the person we're holding on to the tightest, is the person God is trying to separate us from. When God Doesn't Approve of Your Relationship....

Can God Trust You With a Blessing?

Can God trust you with the blessings you keep asking Him for? Here are seven questions to ask yourself if you're not sure...

3 Signs You’re Settling For Less Than God’s Best

One of the biggest challenges in life is to make sure we are living out God's will and not our own. Even though sometimes we are content where we are, something just seems to be missing. You can't pinpoint the problem , but it just doesn't feel...

Trusting God With Your Unanswered Prayers

Trusting God With Your Unanswered Prayers can be hard sometimes, but remember in all circumstances that God knows what's best for us.