7 Types of Friends Every Woman Should Have

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7 Types of Friends Every Woman Should Have

The righteous choose their friends carefully, but the way of the wicked leads them astray. ~Proverbs 12:26

I have always been blessed to be surrounded by some amazing friends in my life.

Yes, as the seasons of life change, some have come and gone; some by choice and some by force.

But one thing is for certain: we all need a good girlfriend (or two or many) in our lives. There are just some conversations and places that are meant for girlfriends and not necessarily for our significant others.

I know that if I have a crisis or need a good ladies’ night out, I will never be without a friend to reach out to.

So even if we don’t hang out as much as I’d like,  I love my girls to death, and there is nothing like their friendship.

Here are 7 types of friends I’m so blessed to have, and think every woman should have too…


Written by Dreana Weston

If I had to describe myself using just one sentence I would say… “Even on my worst days, I love to encourage others.”

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I have none. Life goes on.

Yep but he’s not a woman Yves Mumvudi.
Ou plutôt c moi ki possede ces 7 qualités pr toi mn ami lool
You’re the best. Thanks

Lol pendant le même moment j’écoutais “when i see you again” et je disais à Heritier Kama que ça me rapelait toi, lol. On est pena connecté hein. T’es la meilleure Rmak de moi, ingrat! Lol

Lol ingrat yomoko

ba sentiment na bino bo tangaka Kombo ya batu mususu

I used to have a friend lik this of 32 years but we’ve grown apart life goes on i still love her but i must move foward.. My 2 sisters love me all in these ways as I love them..

I feel like if you got 1 just 1 true friend that is a Blessing because friends are hard to find trust an believe that.

Reann Sommersell I love you for embodying all of these traits. You are for sure one of my most cherished soul sisters.

Lily Rostomyan you are that one friend with all of these attributes

I have no friends and wouldn’t know how that kind of friendship feels like

Me too! I totally know how you feel. It hurts.

I was the same had no one I prayed Lord just give me one friend I can love and God gave me a Christian friend God is good pray and wait on God! Also it just didn’t happen I embraced her and God blessed me! He can and will do the same to you. Just love others give them your heart and God works in mighty ways!

Thank you Jessie Bailey

I have none.

I lost my best friend she passed away a few years ago. My life, hasn’t been the same I meet people but no one is like her. She was truly a angel, walking on earth. I miss her so much!!

I’m sorry to that VeneciaThomas I’ll pray you’ll find a new friend hopefully like her

It don’t take a hand full of people to say u have a friend one is good enough you came by yourself so it don’t take much to satisfy god and. yourself

I feel blessed to have girlfriends who embody all of these wonderful traits!! #blessed

I have 2 Sister’s who supply all of these!
Karen Williams-Marinos, Vashti George
Thanks. ❤❤❤❤❤


I already found a kind of friend like this……Marjorie Betonio Rojas,AnneDels,EcilaRavilo….thank u my 3 friend for having u in my life……..i love u all…..

Patience Gee this is you in my life!!!!

Right back at you boo boo Nyasha Mudzinganyama ??????

Martha Buto and Hide Rebby Hiedi… Am blessed to have you guys….I love you!!!

You are a Blessing to me too Mariam Hirbo and Martha Buto. I Love You.

awe…actually I always know in my heart that you didn’t come by chance in my life.I love you bunches

Doreen English I’m very blessed with you

Karla Brown, you are all of these to me.

Thank you so much. Right back at you, Kelly. ♥

Salomey Osaah Amofah Suglo-Konbo Ibrahim Obadiah Hephzibah Fosu Hall Lucia Owusu-Amponsah glad to have sisters like you.

Awwww same here sis. Same here

I wish i had even 1 friend,God knws why i dont hv friends

RaShanda E. Jefferson Bianca James (Binkki Bink) Kelsi Washington Dearra Lashay Johnson Jamila Jackson Jalisa Leeper Queeny Gottaloveme Coleman Ty Dennis

?? I kinda fit in all these lol

and what a phenomenal woman you are…

YEP ! and then more lol