Trusting God With Your Unanswered Prayers

Trusting God With Your Unanswered Prayers

Trusting God With Your Unanswered Prayers can be hard sometimes, but remember in all circumstances that God knows what’s best for us.

“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.” (Ephesians 3:20

God knows what’s best for us and we all know that not everything that’s good to us, is good for us.

That’s why trusting God is so important. You have to trust Him enough to say “If it doesn’t work out exactly how I want, with who I want, or when I want, I know God will never steer me wrong”.

Sometimes we pray for things we are not ready for or that we think we want at the moment.

But God knows that we are settling and deep down inside, we know it too. It just sounds good at the moment, but in the long run we end up asking ourselves “What was I thinking?”

We often realize that it’s not what we wanted after all. That’s why it’s so important to pray for God’s best, not just for what sounds good at the moment.

You can’t go wrong if you go with God’s best. He knows us better than we know ourselves. We may think we want something today and tomorrow it sounds ridiculous or we simply realize that we just weren’t as ready as we thought we were.

But God knows all and sees all. We can’t fool Him. He’s only going to give us what is His best. Not ours.

Every answer will not be a yes. Can you handle that?

Can you accept that even if you don’t get what you want, God has something better in store for you?

It might be something you haven’t even thought enough about, to pray about.

Or something that you are afraid to even pray about because you feel it’s just too much to ask God for.

Or something you are reluctant to pray about because you feel like you honestly don’t deserve it.

Can you accept that even if it doesn’t happen right now, it will happen just at the right moment. Can you accept that even if it doesn’t happen with who you want, how you want, or where you want, it will happen?

Will you choose to wholeheartedly accept God’s will even when you don’t understand it?

Trusting God’s Will

I truly believe without a doubt that It’s the times when we are at our worst, when God is preparing us for His best.

I personally, cannot think of one time where this wasn’t the case when I faced my most challenging times.

Sometimes we want something so bad that we never stop to ask God what He wants for us. We set our hopes on favors too small. Thinking that if we don’t ask for much, God will answer our prayer.

I remember as a child, I would pray for something really big and then I would end my prayer by saying something like “Lord, if You can’t give me what I want, just give me what You can!”

As an adult, I’ve learned that our God is not a second best God. He only gives His very best. No in between, No half steppin’.

If you’re praying for God to open doors for you, but it seems as though you’re only getting doors slammed in your face, Remain Faithful, and know that God has something better in store for you! Something that is going to blow your mind!

Trusting God with your unanswered prayers can be hard sometimes, but remember in all circumstances that God knows what’s best for us.

Whatever you’re going through today, I want to encourage you to surrender it to God right now and lift up this quick prayer:

Our Prayer…

Lord, forgive me for not always believing that everything will work out in my favor.

Sometimes I don’t see how any good can come from my situation.

I don’t always see the big picture when I’m hurting. 

But Lord, I know that there is nothing You can not do.

I know that You are already working on my behalf.

Not only will I wait patiently for Your answer, I will give You praise right now for what You are about to do!

In Jesus’ name I pray,


Dreana Weston

If I had to describe myself using just one sentence I would say… “Even on my worst days, I love to encourage others.”

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It is hard…. I’ve been praying for decades for the Lord to bring godly Christian men to my daughters. They are 35, 33 and 30 and still single. It hurts this mama’s heart. They are in the hands of our Lord and I need to leave them there.

Konke Nkosi ngikubeka ezandleni zaKho

Heavenly father please….line my will up with yours

Right. On. Time!

Amen Amen JLAC

Jesus, I trust you. Amen.


I REALLY needed this!

In Jesus Name..Amen

In Jesus name. Amen

Amen thank you lord

Am powerful

Amen i Have to


amen..amen <3

Trusting God Always


I already did since 1981, 36 yrs ago.



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