5 Telltale Signs That God Wants You to be With Someone

5 Telltale Signs That God Wants You to be With Someone

Here are 5 Telltale signs that God wants you to be with someone.

1. Mutual Interest and Mutual Commitment Are That God Wants You to be With Someone

One sign that is crucially important but is so obvious it often gets overlooked is the need for mutual interest from both people. I’ve talked to hundreds of Christian singles who have asked me whether or not God wants them with someone, but they have yet to determine if the other person is interested in them.

Many singles want the security of knowing that a relationship will happen before they open up and reveal their feelings to the person they have feelings for.

God will often reveal His will for this relationship through you expressing your feelings and seeing how the other person responds or vice versa.

When there is mutual interest, mutual commitment, and a mutual willingness to move the relationship forward at a healthy pace, these are strong indications God does want you with this person.

2. When God Wants You with Someone, He Will Make the Relationship Possible in Practical Ways

Relationships are a unique place in life where the spiritual and practical combine and are constantly intermingling. There will be all kinds of spiritual indicators for Christians that God does or does not want them with someone. But God will also speak through the practical as well.

For example, if you really want to be with someone but that person gets a job and moves away and doesn’t seem interested in dating you long-distance, this practical barrier in the relationship is a strong indication God does not want you two together.

On the other hand, when the necessary practical ingredients for the relationship to work are present, this is a good indication God does want you two to progress forward.

Proverbs 16:9 states, “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” When we apply this verse to our question at hand, this means we will not only have the desire to be with someone in our hearts, but when God wants us with that person, He will enable us to take the practical steps necessary to make the relationship a reality even if it’s long distance. 

3. Biblical Confirmation Will Always Be Present When God Wants You with Someone

The Christian has a great advantage when it comes to relationships that the non-Christian does not have. We do not need to wonder and guess about what God does or does not want for us in life. When we read the Bible, we learn in very specific details how God wants us to live our lives.

It’s easy to get so overwhelmed with all the unknowns about a specific relationship you have questions about that you can begin to lose focus of what you already know.

Most of the time we will not know all that we want to know, but we will always know what we need to know by applying God’s word in our relationship.

The Bible shows us what is essential and most important. So if a relationship would cause you to disobey any part of the Bible, this relationship is clearly not of God. But when this relationship will actually help you obey what God has said in the Bible, this is a sign God does probably want you with this person.

4. Helpful Trials that Build You Up as a Couple Rather Than Tear You Down Are Signs God Wants You Two Together

It is not wise to look at the easiest path and assume that is the way God wants you to go. The road leading to God’s will for your life is often the road that is marked by more trials and tests compared to the easy path forward.

God disciplines those He loves as Hebrews 12:5-6 teaches us. In 1 Peter 4:12-19 we are taught that we should not be surprised by the fiery trials that test us, for as Christians we are called to bring God glory through these hardships. When God is bringing two people together, He will solidify and strengthen their bond not through easy times but through hard times. 

Don’t get me wrong, a relationship should be filled with joy, fun, and pleasant seasons as well. But one sign that God truly does want you with someone is when the hard things that happen are used to strengthen your bond with each other rather than weaken it. I’m talking financial troubles, things that are beyond our control, and those disagreements that most couples have… NOT blatant disrespect and infidelity

5. A Mutual Desire to Sacrifice Time and Energy to Make the Relationship Work Will Be Present When God Is Putting Two People Together

The best things in life take the most time and attention to cultivate and maintain. Never is this principle seen more clearly than when it comes to relationships.

Without hard work and lots of energy spent, a relationship will die. If someone can’t muster up the strength to call you after work, the relationship is just not going to happen. If you just don’t like someone enough to use your weekends to get to know them, this relationship is clearly not meant to be.

When God truly wants you with someone, He will provide you both with the supernatural energy to make the relationship work. If the energy and the desire for sacrifice are not present, this is a sign the relationship is not going to happen.

Are you in a relationship with someone and wondering if God wants you to be with that someone? What concerns do you have?

For the married folks, how did you know God wanted you to be with your spouse?

Let us know in the comments.


Maya L. Ralston

Maya is a Relationship Counselor and Certified Life Coach. She loves using her God given gifts to pour into the lives of others.

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You know how you already know something, but when you hear or read it in the “now”, it resonates with you differently. I believe you can also miss out on God’s best by playing it “safe” and remaining in your comfort zone. When you believe you have all the aforementioned for the relationship to work (distance, fear, concerns of job moves, etc.) you can hinder and block God’s best. God will not force us to do, He lovingly gives us the will to choose and do once the options are presented. If you don’t trust and step out, the opportunity… Read more »

The Praying Woman

“You know how you already know something, but when you hear or read it in the “now”, it resonates with you differently.”

… YAAAS! It happens to me all the time. Thank you for your comment CeeCee!

Joi James

Thank you for this article, it is very encouraging. I’m standing on my faith and trusting the Lord for the right person for me. I’m 44 years old and i feel like I’m ready. But only when the Lord says so, Ive made many mistakes in dating in prior years but, thank God for maturity and spiritual eyes.

I’m standing in agreement with you Joi.


I’m battling with point number 4 in my current relationship. The trials we are currently facing stem from blatant disrespect and infidelity. He keeps calling it a trial that will make us stronger. I don’t know how to deal with this person. I really want him out if my life but he keeps trying to make things work. Does his trying over and over again me we’re meant to be together? I have forgiven the infidelity and disrespect, but I just don’t see myself with him anymore because the trust is totally gone.


If you are not yet married-Run!
I feel they are taking adventage of you.


I gave up am 52.. a marriage.. with someone to have a family with.. impossible.. raising kids in a Christian manner… impossible.. I have a son 11 years of age I am taking care of since birth, I’ve got 2 daughters I do not see much because their mom entered my country illegal and she stays at a nearby country but doesn’t want me anymore.. she just used me for money and a way to stay in Europe I guess… I really like the Praying woman though I’m a man because of the good texts.. but this one… doesn’t bring… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by Patrick

I totally agree with what you wrote.

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