Worldly Attraction vs. Godly Attraction


People tend to look at someone’s appearance.  God looks at the heart. Look at the personality and strengths the person has.  Notice the words and mannerisms they use. This will help avoid heartbreak and also going into marriage for the wrong reasons.


You may not be able to help feeling attracted towards a man – but you do have the responsibility to decide what you do with that feeling of attraction.  You are not a slave to your feelings of attraction – thankfully!

You can willfully choose NOT to be around an ungodly man to whom you feel attracted and you can choose to distance yourself and make it clear that you are not available to him.  I believe we MUST do this in order to honor Christ!

Here are worldly things that will make a man attractive to women:

confidence – but unfortunately, sometimes we can be attracted to cockiness


money/ material things

bad boy reputation


the feeling that this guy doesn’t “need” us, that he knows he could have his pick of women

he is secure in his manhood


he is sure of himself

he knows what he wants

his sense of humor

good looks/ appearance

he don’t put up with any mess

fame/ popularity

Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to be attracted to some of the things from this list, as long as it’s not the ONLY thing that’s important to you in a relationship.

Now let’s take a look at the Godly attraction…


Written by The Praying Woman

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I think the one thing this article forgot to touch on is that a lot of the times when a woman falls for a man of status or any of those others things listed first, it’s because there is a level of insecurity lodged in the heart of that woman. Once you readjust your focus on God though and you start to see yourself through His eyes and gain confidence in the woman of God you were created to be, those “worldly” things will absolutely become less and less attractive to you. Blessings ladies! ❤️

Very very correct

So very true

??? Also “the sick” men…sick in their soul who think we are the answer.

Commited ToGod

Yes Amen

Nice guys finish first. I hope that girls won’t go for jerks and then complain afterwards

Regielou Adriano Parañaque Lam mo na te haha Get close to God more

Ariahna Shores, good read!


This article was very helpful, thank you

Veryyyyy true

Kalista Shramek

Ashleigh Lark I think you will enjoy reading this.



That is a tangible truth

Very true

Sheridyn McNair

Love this….