3 Things to Remember When Waiting For an Answered Prayer


3 Things to Remember When Waiting For an Answered Prayer

Prayer is our fastest connection to God.

It is our way to ask Him for help when certain situations somehow become unbearable and beyond our control.

He hears us through our prayer which eases us from some of the tension and stress in our lives.

But what if our prayers are not yet answered? What should be our response then?

Here are 3 things to remember when you are waiting for an answered prayer

1. Be patient

Delay doesn’t entirely mean denial; Sometimes it’s just God’s way of building our character.

He wants us to cling to His promises and believe in Him.

Let’s take a look at Habakkuk 2:3… “For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay.”

You have to stretch your patience for it certainly takes time.

But no matter how long it takes, you must claim the victory because God is always on time with His promises.

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Amae Guerrero
Amae Guerrero is a journalist. Writing is her passion and her instrument to reach out to other people.
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  1. As I become more weary. I know that praying recharges me like a dead battery. That’s the best analogy I use to help me understand and cope with difficulties in my life.

  2. My personal feelings the fact that God wakes me up everyday for 62 years is a prayer answer for me. God how can i serve u today? Give a kind word to somebody. Give a smile. Say a pray for hurting people. Gifts are a treat too. Some nuggets that i do then Lord don’t let my living be in vain. Amen!

  3. Yes, I have been praying for 9 years for a romantic partner, companion & husband. I pray, doubts do come up, but I continue to pray. .Any tips to continue to restore my faith?

  4. I definitely lost all faith last year when I was writing down my prayers every week. Declaring them and speaking them into existence. And none of them were answered. At least not with a yes. I became so bitter. Now I’m just praying that something, anything better happens and that His will will happen, and I’m trying to remain faithful. I just feel like I’m in the middle of an ocean and can’t see land anywhere. But I have more peace now than I did a couple of months ago.

    • Tiffani I was where you are 4 years ago. That waiting period is what brought ‘The Praying Woman’ into existence. If God had answered my prayers when I wanted and how I wanted, I would have missed my “true” blessing. Let God prepare you for His best. Don’t lose hope. God bless you!

    • Amen….we give Him the glory for your peace now. And my sister honestly that is all we need because if we continue to have peace in the Lord we will not be shaken in our minds about when will He di thus or that. But we will continue to dwell upon that peace and trust that in His time He will do it. Lets remember a day is like a second in the eyes of God. But in His time He dies make ALL of His will perfect in our lives.

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