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5 Types You Are Likely to Date Before Finding ‘The One’

Before Finding the One

the one

You thought it was love at first sight. They said all of the right things but then they broke your heart.

As a single Christian myself, I know that the dating game can be kind of hard. Everything always seems perfect in the beginning. That is, until you start to see the “real” them.

Before you find the one, there will be a few types of people that you will most likely date. Hopefully you’ll notice these characteristics before you’ve become too emotionally attached.

The good news is… these 5 types of people will make you appreciate your future spouse a little more.

Here are 5 Types You Are Likely to Date Before Finding ‘The One’

The Show Off:

They’re always bragging about their accomplishments, looks, or trying to place themselves on a pedestal while belittling you. They may even tell you straight out “why you are so lucky to be with them”.

This type of person wants you to believe that they’re the best thing that has happened to you and truly believes that you can’t do any better than them.

The Opportunist:

This person is only in it for self gain.

What can you do for them? How does your relationship benefit them? Is it money, popularity, or something else they stand to gain by dealing with you?

A relationship with this person is not a 50/50 relationship. It’s more like a 80/20. All take and no give. Your heart is fully invested and they have one foot out the door.

The Commitment-Phobe:

Commitment-Phobes are usually partially honest and upfront. They’re usually pretty quick to tell you that they don’t want to rush into anything, but will sugar coat it with false hope by saying something like “We’ll just see where this goes“. All along having no intentions of anything concrete with you.

The Control Freak:

A control freak is going to keep track of whom you’re with and where you are. Telling you what to wear, Picking your friends, Threatening to commit suicide, eventually attempting to control every aspect of your life.

Control freaks can become emotionally, verbally and physically abusive. They will be checking your email account and cell phone to see who you are communicating with, Social media accounts, or maybe even tracking your every move by GPS.

The Cheater:

No matter how good of a person you are, understand that some people are just cheaters. it’s not you, it’s them.

Sometimes the signs are all there and we choose to ignore them. Sometimes the cheater doesn’t try to hide it at all.

In either case, know your worth and end the relationship. You are better than that.