Choose Your Pain

single woman

If only life could be painless. But, it isn’t.
Life is full of pain. Pain brought by physical illness or discomfort, emotional pain or psychosomatic pain.
What if I tell you, that you cannot avoid pain but you can most certainly choose your kind of pain?
Choose the pain of training, exercise, saying no to vices, and eating right over the pain of sickness that an unhealthy lifestyle brings.
Choose the pain of turning your back from the Sale sign in the stores, the pain of not using the latest gadget that your colleagues are quick to purchase, the pain of not spending lavishly on things you don’t need, over the pain of not having enough money to buy your necessities.
Choose the pain of letting go of the people you have learned to love and spend most of your time with, but are sucking the energy and joy out of you, over the pain of being drained and turning into the person that they are. Remember that you become whom you spend most of your time with.
Choose the pain of learning, the pain of staying up late to study and research over the pain of failing a test in school or in life in general.
Choose the pain of going out there and giving your all, working with passion and dedication. Choose the pain that comes with reaching for your goals. Choose the pain that success brings over the pain of regret for not trying hard enough, and the pain of failure.
Nobody likes pain. It hurts, it makes you cry, and it leaves a scar.
Pain changes you. Pain opens your eyes and makes you see clearer of what is really happening and what is beyond what is visible to the naked eye.
Pain can be a good teacher if you let it.
Pain can mold you into the beautiful being you are destined to be. If the stone can speak, it will surely scream and tell the sculptor to stop hurting it. But if the sculptor will stop doing his job, or if did not even start chiseling and carving it in the first place, the stone will remain plain. The stone will remain ordinary, nondescript, bare, and formless.
It is only after the sculptor is done with the carving that the stone will see how beautiful it has become. That all the pain it went through has a purpose.
Trust your Sculptor. The pain you feel is nothing to the glorious plans He has for your life. You don’t know how beautiful you will turn out until You let Him finish His work.
The pain you feel means you are still a work in progress. Be patient with Him. He is not finished with you yet.