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3 Things to do When You’re Feeling Discouraged

feeling discouraged discouragement

feeling discouraged discouragement

We all fight discouragement at times. Here are 3 ways to overcome when you’re feeling discouraged.

1. Find Someone to Help

One of the greatest ways to get yourself out of that deep, depression is to go and find someone else to help or to serve.

I was having a rough week recently and nothing seemed to be going right. Everything I seemed to touch turned out wrong so I went out to the local nursing home and visited a former church member who can’t attend church anymore.

She was so happy to see me…or to see anyone for that matter! I felt ashamed. There I was having a personal pity party and here was this godly woman who was lonely and couldn’t attend worship services anymore and yet she cheered me up!

When you’re feeling discouraged try to encourage someone else. It seems contrary to what you might think but it works.

Helping others might also help to stop comparing yourself with other people and what others have.

Possessions can’t bring happiness. Some of the most depressed people are those who have a lot of money and possessions.

2. Write out your Blessings

I remember hearing someone suggest that if you get down in the dumps, take a clean sheet of paper and write out all of your blessings.

I had a list that included a home, a car, a job, heat in the winter, AC in the summer, a roof over my head, and a refrigerator and cupboard with food in them.

I finally needed another sheet of paper. I believe that if our problems are too big then our view of God is too small. On the other hand,  if our view of God is as big as He should be then our problems will be tiny in comparison.

This is exactly what the old church hymn said:

Count your blessings, name them one by one.
Count your many blessings, see what God hath done.
And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

Count your blessings, name them one by one.

3. Pray, Praise and Stay in the Word

There is real power in the Word of God to encourage us (Romans 1:16).

If you read the psalms, you can see just how much David and the other writers of the psalms experienced. They poured out their hearts to God when they were in a deep pit of despair but notice, they didn’t stay there.

They typically ended each psalm by giving praise to God and you know what, it’s hard to be down when you’re looking up and praising and thanking God.

It seems to fill me with joy when I begin to praise and thank God.

Feeling Discouraged is one thing, being Depressed is another.

If you stay in a deep, dark depression for a long period of time please seek help immediately. You may have a medical issue that is treatable by professionals.

There is no more a moral or character weakness in seeking medical help for depression than there is going to the doctor to fix a broken bone.

We are all frail, feeble creatures made of dust (Psalm 103). God understands that.

If these suggestions don’t shake you out of your discouragement, seek help immediately.