6 Prayers to Pray When You Desperately Need God’s Help

prayers for miracles

A miracle is a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of the divine.

When Christians talk about a miracle, they mean an event that is not “normal” – that is, one that should not be able to happen according to the laws of nature.

The Gospels describe 35 miracles that Jesus performed. Over half of these 35 stories are about Jesus healing sick people.

Others describe Jesus casting out demons from people.

On three occasions, Jesus brought dead people back to life.

The rest of the stories show Jesus’ power over things – changing water into wine, feeding a great crowd with very little food, walking on water, calming a storm.

This is just a snapshot of the miracles of Jesus. These miracles help us to understand that Jesus was more than just a man.

They also show us what God is like – what He cares about and what He chooses to do for His people. That includes us.

Are you in desperate need of a miracle right now? For healing, a financial blessing, etc. If so, here are 6 prayers to pray when you desperately need God’s help…

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