5 Dangerous Lies The Enemy Wants You to Believe

lies the enemy wants you to believe


5 Dangerous Lies The Enemy Wants You to Believe

They say “the most dangerous lies are the lies that you believe about yourself. ”

The mind is a real magician. It often presents an illusion so real that we don’t even stop to consider if it’s true.

Are we limiting our true potential?

It’s time to examine your mind and ask yourself, “What lies am I telling myself that are holding me back?”

Here’s a list of 5 that you should be aware of and avoid…

There’s always tomorrow…

I can’t help but think back to an old Gospel song by the Winans, “Tomorrow”

“Tomorrow, who promised you tomorrow, 
better choose the Lord today, for 
tomorrow very well might be too late.”

Growing up, my mother always told me… “Tomorrow is not promised to anyone” so why put off tomorrow what you can do today?”

However, experience has taught me two valuable lessons.

#1- Life’s too short to hold grudges


#2- Time waits for no one

I can’t…

When life hits us hard with the unexpected, we have two choices:

Sulk in your misery, throw yourself a pity party, and feel defeated.

OR… Give it to God, Pray hard and WORK hard to change your disposition.

I was watching TV the other day and stumbled across a documentary about an armless woman who could do everything that we could do with our hands, except she does them with her feet… and let’s not forget about the Paralympics.  These are people who have ( in spite of what we may see as a “handicap”) refused to let their physical challenges stop them. How awesome is that? 

I won’t…

Never say Never.

It’s easy to say what you won’t do if you’ve never had to. It’s easy to judge others for doing things we may not like or approve of.

I don’t mean that we should never make judgments. Obviously, we make judgments every day. We judge between right and wrong, dangerous choices from safe ones, etc.

But we should not judge others in a hypocritical way.

I have a friend who 2 years ago, was very critical of one of our mutual friends for choosing to stay with her husband after infidelity, 2 years later… guess who’s in that same boat? EXACTLY! Never say Never.

Nothing is going right…

This statement is so wrong!

Even when it seems as though everything is going wrong, God is working them out exactly the way they should be.

Romans 8:28 says that “All things work together for good to those who love God.”

This means that no matter how bad everything seems, God is able to turn your situation around for His good.

For His purpose. For His glory! All you have to do is stay faithful and watch Him work miracles in your life

God never answers my prayers…

1 John 5:14 says “Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us”.

Notice, the scripture does not promise that God will give you everything you want, when you want it. It clearly says… anything you ask according to “His” will.

Maybe He didn’t give you the job you were praying for because He knows you won’t be happy there.

Maybe the relationship you’ve been praying for, God knows  is not the one for you. Trust His will.

God has bigger and better things in store for you!


If I had to describe myself using just one sentence I would say… “Even on my worst days, I love to encourage others.”

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