Crystal Bassette’s Amazing Testimony

Crystal Bassette's story is evidence that however far away you stray from God, He still loves you very much and will welcome you back with open arms.

7 Godly Measures to Take When Making Decisions

making decisions
Making decisions can be difficult at times. Including God in your decisions will save you a lot of heartache and disappointment.

4 Ways to Respond When Criticism Hurts

Criticism Hurts
We don't always like what we hear. How we respond makes all the difference. Here are 4 ways to respond when criticism hurts...

113 Year Old Hester Ford Has Dementia, Yet, She Can Still Perfectly Recite Bible Verses

hester ford-768x486
Meet Hester Ford. She has dementia, yet, she can still perfectly recite Bible Verses. Psalm 23 is her favorite. Watch as she recites it flawlessly...

4 Ways to Fight Your Way Through Spiritual Battles

spiritual battles
The enemy doesn't have any power over us when we know how to fight back the right way.  Here are four ways to fight your way through a spiritual battle...