5 Things Single Christians Should Never Do


Seeking love and commitment can be challenging, as well as rewarding.

It’s challenging because we have to kiss a few frogs before we actually locate our prince.

It’s rewarding because dating is an opportunity for self discovery and should be enjoyable.

I strongly believe there are specific temptations and situations single folks must avoid. So without further ado….

Here are 5 Things Single Christians Should Never Do:

1. Pursue someone who is unavailable

“Unfaithfulness is a character flaw that we shouldn’t desire in a potential mate.”

Besides the fact that we all know it’s biblically wrong, a married man is simply not in a position to give you the love, time and commitment you deserve. Why cheat yourself out of the happiness you are worthy of receiving?

This includes the married but separated as well as those who are in a girlfriend/ boyfriend relationship. Someone who is willing to cheat with you, will definitely cheat on you! .


Written by The Praying Woman

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