3 Couples in the Bible We Can All Learn Something From

biblical couples

In this day and age there are many women that are willing to accept whatever a man is handing out and so often times what the man is handing out is nothing much.

So how can a single Christian woman know what to look for in a man?

The key is the Bible. Even though the Bible is old it is never outdated and there are so many lessons to be learned from the Bible including what to look for in a man.

Let’s take a look at these 3 Biblical Couples. I’m sure we can all learn a thing or two from  them.

Boaz and Ruth

Boaz saw Ruth in the field working hard, and that is what attracted him to her.  Even though he was attracted to her, he did not expect anything from her.  Instead he helped her out.

He gave her food to take home because he knew she was poor.

He invited her into his home to rest because he knew she had worked hard all day and was hungry.

He had his workers look after her in the field because he wanted her to be safe while she worked.

Even when Ruth came to Boaz in the middle of the night, as her mother in law has directed her to do, he told her to leave before the sun came up so that no one would think badly of her.

What we can learn from Boaz:  

A man will not only be attracted to your outward appearance but he will be attracted to what you have to offer, such as your hard work. 

A man that is interested in you will show his interest in you.  You will not have to wonder what he is thinking or how he feels about you because he will show it. He will want to provide for you and keep you safe. 

And like Boaz, he will not try to have sex with you to take advantage of you.  Instead he will want to make it official.  Make you his wife.

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Hua Kui Shen

One other thing about these 3 biblical couples mentioned is that the men were older than their wives. So with God’s blessings age difference can be overcome!

Priya Raj Shukla

To give a Godly man in my life is the best thing God has done to me

Gillian Magorimbo Muchemwa


Puleng Puly Makgakga


Donna Jean


Ame O'dj

The world is full of all sort of people. There are God lovers but not human lovers. I’ve met men that serve and love the God and the Church but treat their women like shit. Is great to have a God loving man but background on how he saw his father treat is his mum matters. Love beginning at home we are all a afflection of our background.

Kimberly Brown

Beautiful <3 .

Franteece Jackson

Yes, this is true! “A Godly man over any man…”

Terry Daley


Elly Grace B. Paran

Rara Ciano Rahima Paran. Basaam ading ko. GBU!.

Yolanda Cox

Good information

Carol Dean McNair

Sheridyn McNair

Robin D. Canning


Chidimmaa Kalu


Mylles Summer Dawn

Ro Madela Charm Malonzo

Ashley Viers

Kim this is what I was telling you

Erica Blanchard

it, Amen, Glory!

Angela Bartholomae

Mellanie King

Susan Chongwe


Carol Northrup

they appear 2 b rare