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It Pays to Be Friendly!

Be careful how you treat people. You never know who God will use to bless you.

The Amazing Gift This Teenager Gives Her Boyfriend is Priceless!

Meet Reagan Lee, 16, and Garrett Chisum, 18, a couple from Georgia. Lee told BuzzFeed News that early on in their relationship she was going through “tough times.” So Chisum gave her his personal Bible and highlighted one of the pair’s favorite verses. That was a moment...

What Would You Do? [Video]

Even though I knew this was just an experiment, I couldn't help but think to myself, what would I do?

Man Pronounced Dead Comes Back to Life, Says God ‘Has Some Things for Me to Do’

Mike Gibbons from Bonner Springs in Kansas, U.S. has become widely known as "Miracle Mike" because he miraculously came back from the dead. Not only that, but "Miracle Mike" is also being called "Grateful Mike" because he even went back to the emergency room...

Instead of Sending Him to Jail, Officer Prays with Grieving Man and Drives Him 100 Miles to Be With His Family

Mark Ross, a resident of Ohio, had just learned that his teenage sister had been killed in a car accident and knew he had to get home to be near his family. Because he didn’t have a car, he asked a friend to help, and...