Are You Acting Single While Married? 10 Signs You Might Be

couple talking

couple talking

Before I was married, I enjoyed the single life. It was fun for me? hanging out with my girls almost every weekend, taking road trips, not having to check in with anyone about where I was going and not having to let anyone know when I would be returning. The single life definitely had its moments of enjoyment.

However, after I said “I do,” I acknowledged there were some actions that couldn’t join me in marriage. In order to make a relationship work, I believe there are certain behaviors married folks just shouldn’t do. Here are 10 signs that you may be acting single while married:

Sign 1: Are you flirting with someone other than your spouse?

For most singles, flirting comes with the territory, which is fine when dating. However, flirting with someone other than your spouse could destroy your marriage (even if you think it’s innocent). I have learned flirting is never harmless, especially when married. I’ve watched couples struggle to recover after the initial flirting led to infidelity in their marriages. All those flirtatious behaviors, like batting those eyes or exchanging sexy glances should be saved for your spouse’s benefit only.

Sign 2: Are you seeking attention from someone other than your spouse?

Who doesn’t enjoy compliments or attention from someone who recognizes our assets?  Hungering for attention from someone other than your spouse is sending out a message about your marriage. If you’re craving that attention, then share it with your spouse first and request more of what you need.

Sign 3: Are you sharing too many secret details about your marriage?

When I was single, I often shared my dating adventures with friends. I disclosed when a guy would call, who I liked and whether or not he was fun or boring. Since I’ve been married I am more selective about the details of my marriage. My marriage works best when I remember that my partnership is between me and my husband.

Sign 4: Are you choosing not to wear your wedding ring?

Being intentionally selective when it comes to wearing or not wearing your wedding ring/band is another sign, in my opinion. If you’re removing it when you’re going out in the hopes to appear single, you may be playing with fire. I take great pride in my marriage, and one of the ways I demonstrate that pride is by rocking my ring every day.

Sign 5:  Are you playing hard to get with your spouse?

Making your spouse chase you is another one of those games singles can play, but us married folks shouldn’t. Having to prove themselves repeatedly or having to beg for intimacy is going to get really old really quickly.