Sophia Vilceus

Sophia Vilceus
Sophia is the author of “Late Conversations with my Late Mother” and “The Last Pew: Journeying Back to God’s Will After an Affair.” She currently serves as an English Professor at West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

Recovering From Church Hurt

woman church hurt
I spent the majority of my twenties growing in an amazing mega-church, with incredible leadership, sound preaching, and moving worship. As wholesome as my experience was, I struggled to find and maintain a sense of community-- something that became increasingly more important to me as I matured in years and in my faith. Eventually, I moved out of state and was intentional about finding a ...

God Has Your Back

God has your back
Faith is... Knowing that no matter what you face or who plots against you, God has your back!

Laying Aside the Sin That Just Won’t Let Go

letting go of sin
“...let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith…” Hebrews 12:1 There are some things that just do not tempt me--not because I'm holier than the next person who struggles with that...

Finding Peace When Your Prayers Go Unanswered

finding peace
Finding peace when your prayers go unanswered can be hard, but you must remember not to let your feelings get more powerful than your faith.

Learning to Give It To God

giving it to god
I was lugging my medium-sized purse, filled with panty liners and lip gloss. Over the other shoulder, hanged my work-bag, overstuffed with my laptop and papers still in need of grading. Both of my hands were carrying a crate, that also encompassed my lunch-bag, now empty bowls from lunch, along with my water bottles and coffee mug from the day. With...

You Will Never Know… If You Never Try

You'll never know if you don't try
Sometimes self doubt is the only thing standing in the way of our blessings.

It’s Only For a Moment

momentary afflictions
Have you ever felt like the pain or stress was just too much to bear? Don't let momentary afflictions stop you in your tracks.

A Prayer For Broken or Strained Relationships

A Prayer For Broken or Strained Relationships
If you have been rejected or are grieving the loss of a relationship, read this Prayer For Broken or Strained Relationships.

Praying for a Good, Godly Man

prayers for a godly man
I thoroughly enjoy Church services in the beginning of a new year. Every year I go to Revival at my church for three nights and it is such a filling, gratifying, intense, humbling experience to see women and men of God in one place, desperately seeking God’s Face and Hand. People are often crying and sprawled out on the...

Why I May Not Go Home For The Holidays

woman traveling home
If the Holidays often bring you some overwhelming emotions, like it does me, I encourage you to lift up this prayer...

Are You Choosing Faith Over Fear?

discernment vs fear
Playing it safe does not always mean it's a sign from God. Don't let your fears keep you in a place you don't have to be.

Praying for Your Unsaved Loved Ones

unsaved loved ones
Praying for unsaved loved ones is one of the most important things we can do as Christians. The Christian walk, if done correctly, is a mighty struggle. It shouldn’t be easy and free of tension and inner conflict. To be in this world and in His word and Will can and should be a challenge. We have to be constantly...

Finding Purpose In All Things

woman feeling low
If you are feeling low and discouraged, I encourage you to lift up this simple prayer and know it is all working for your good.

Making Peace With Your Painful Past

Businesswoman with head in hands
If you are having a hard time moving past a painful time, I encourage you to lift up this prayer:

Praying Beyond Our Imaginary Boundaries

young lady praying
I’m from New York. I’ve lived there for twenty-somewhat years. It’s the city that never sleeps. Never stops. For better or for worse, that’s ingrained in me. So though, I’ve been living in the sanctity of peaceful Maryland for the last 4.5 years, that New- York- work-now-rest-never spirit still lives in me. And I’m working on it. I’m working...

Is “Cyber Comparison Complex” Taking Your Focus Off God?

Young woman using smart phone
If you’re anything like me, social media can more often than not lure you in. Before we know it, we have spent a good portion of our days (and nights) aimlessly scrolling through Newsfeeds and Timelines. We have mindlessly “liked” stories that frequently have little to do with our real lives and “commented” on things that only get us...

A Thanksgiving Prayer

thanksgiving dinner
For some, the Holidays bring an influx of emotions. Emotions that have neatly stayed tucked away somewhere in our spirits and come protruding out of us at the first mention of “Jingle Bells” or the first sight of a nicely decorated Thanksgiving table. If you are anything like me, the Holidays brings you a sense of mourning. Mourning a...

I’m Spiritual, Not Religious

godly woman
Though people say this for their own reasons. It often deeply saddens me when I hear, “I’m Spiritual but not Religious.”  To me, people say this in part because though they have a relationship with God, they want nothing or little to do with the Church. First of all, we ARE the Church. And frequently, people are misguided in...

Are You Walking By Faith or In The Spirit of Fear?

woman in a crowd
I was traveling back home to New York for the weekend. As I was getting on the bus, everyone was doing what we all tend to typically do on public transportation. We were all scoping the scene to see where and if we could possibly get a seat with no one next to us. It was a Friday morning...

Peace Be Still…

When Life Fails Us ...“Peace Be Still”
Some of us have lost something this week and need peace about it, if that is you, I encourage you to lift up this simple prayer...

If He Did It Once, He Can Do It Again

Don’t lose hope! God has a way of making "not enough”, "more than enough”.

The Things We Can’t Change

By the time we have graduated to a more mature dimension in our faith, the nagging question in our minds shifts from “will God actually work this one out for me?” to “what does God want me to do as He works this out for me?” As we see more of God’s impeccable track record, it does become easier...

Surviving Life’s Collisions

It was a serene Saturday night as I was on my way to church for a Young Adult Ministry engagement. The topic of discussion that night was: “Finding Purpose.” I was listening to a powerful song entitled, “Let It Be Known” by gospel artist, Casey J . The first line of her song simply says, “Let it be known...

Praying For Family Through a Hardened Heart

For the last few years, particularly after my family and I lost my mother who was very much the spiritual glue in the family, I’ve watched my family spiral out of control. Losing touch with God and my mother’s memory, I have seen how that has created a situation where my family has lost touch with one another. Every...

Edifying the Wrong Kingdom: Praying for Those We Follow

Dear God, forgive me. I too, have joined the media frenzy. This week it seems that many of us placed our real lives on pause to follow, click, like, comment, laugh, and speculate on the now infamous Beyonce, Solange, Jay-Z elevator encounter. Instagram posts were uploaded, statuses on Facebook were formulated, and articles online were written all based on...

Feeling Trapped? God Can Use You No Matter Where You Are

It’s a little after 10 am on a Monday morning; I am sitting at my desk and looking through glass windows. My view overlooks nothing grand, but it’s beautiful in its own right. And I am assured that many people at home, sending their resume out to countless places, just as I am doing, much rather be in my...