The Lord Set Me Free From “ME”

Woman looking at self in mirror.

Woman looking at self in mirror.

My roommate finally walked in. It was our very first day at the university. We exchanged our details then she asked…

“What does your mom do?”

I had to think very fast because I was not about to say “she sells fruits and vegetables“… so instead I said “she works at a bank” That’s what I told her and everybody else I met at the university.

You see this didn’t seem like a big lie at first. They don’t even know me and they will never really find out about my mom.

It might have been a small lie but I had given the devil something to work on. Because every time the issue about my family came up, I had to come up with another lie to cover up for that one little lie I had told.

So the lies piled up and before I knew it, I couldn’t even recognize the person in the mirror. A little lie had all of a sudden turned my whole life into a lie and I felt trapped.

How was I ever going to say “Hey guys remember when I said my mom works at the bank?… I actually lied.

It may sound easy, but it just wasn’t that simple. Fixing that one lie would mean I would have to fix all the other lies I told after that and I just couldn’t humiliate myself like that.

I still went to church every Sunday. People testified, but I never heard anyone say the Lord had delivered them from lying… so I thought maybe it’s normal. After all, everyone has a little something to hide.

However, this bothered me because somehow I felt like people could see right through me. Because of this, I felt the need to put in a lot of effort to prove that I was genuine. Soooo draining. I thought telling the truth was difficult, but lying is so much worse because you have to remember everything you told certain people.

And that alone is a full time job…. Because eventually lies do catch up with you one way or another. I always prayed that my friends from school would never meet my friends from church. Simply because the others knew a different story from the others. To some… my mom was dead, to some… she was hospitalized, and to some… she was working at the bank.

And then I got tired….. I wanted out. I knew this wasn’t how one was supposed to live. I had never heard anyone say “I used to be a liar, but the Lord delivered me.

…but I just had this strong belief that He would rescue me. I did not know how it was going to happen, but I knew it was going to happen. No, I did not go back to any of my friends to confess I had been living a lie. Instead I said… 

Lord, if there’s going to be any changes in my life, I want You to reveal them.

I did not just wake up one day very truthful. It was a long process. It didn’t take a month, 3 months, or 6 months. Situations that tempted me to lie arose and every time I made the decision to tell the truth.

I had to make telling the truth my number one priority even when I thought I could have possibly gotten away with a lie. I saw the good Lord working patiently with me to my deliverance. Truth is I don’t know when and how exactly it happened, but He set me free. THE LORD SET ME FREE FROM ME!!! He changed me from inside out and I can’t possibly take the glory…..He can set you free.. yes it is true!

I have a testimony…..

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