This Praying Baby Will Melt Your Heart (Video)

baby prayingYou’re never too young to say grace — just ask this little girl. This praying baby is just pure joy overload.

John Incorvaia uploaded the adorable video to his YouTube page, writing “… my daughter closing her eyes for prayer EVERY NIGHT before dinner – she’s only 20 months old…”

In the video, the little girl takes her parents’ hands without hesitation as they prepare to say the blessing before family dinner, and closes her eyes as they begin to pray.

As if that isn’t cute enough, she replies with an unprompted and hearty “amen” when it’s all said and done.

God bless her parents for being such an awesome example.

Take a look at this pure CUTENESS!!!

The Praying Woman

The Praying Woman

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God fearing


Nchoo, tooo cute.

Michael Brad Roberson Matty

Amen !!


Praise the Lord

Remember Allie Johnson- saying “got to say da amen, Grammy”!
Zolane Sherrod

Awh can’t wait to train my babies like this nugget

Best way to raise a kid …

How sweet

So cute GOD Bless

Yes, i love that

Wow so beautiful

Bonnie Bee

Wow wonderful.

Ncooo, so sweet!


Sage Natalie-Jade Kleinschmidt

Indeed prayer is everything and praise God,cus everything that has breath prays to the Lord.Oh how wonderful and amazing that is

That is a blessing and so cute

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