7 Ways To Create a Happier You

testimony of happiness

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.”

All of us are different. All of us are unique. We come from different countries, different backgrounds, and are interested in different things. But there’s one thing that everyone universally wants, no matter who they are: happiness.

We’re constantly trying to chase happiness, as if we can run up to it and catch it and keep it in a shoebox forever. But all of this is in vain. As Souza once said, happiness is a journey, not a destination. There are ways we can live our life to make sure our journey is a happy one.

Here’s 7 Ways To Create a Happier You:

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Assess how you feel after spending time with those close to you. If you’re constantly being put down or feeling unhappy after being in their presence or speaking with them , consider this: you deserve to be surrounded by people who lift you up, not put you down.

Accept Yourself

Stop beating yourself up over your flaws (or what you view as your flaws). Don’t let your past mistakes hinder you. Stand in front of the mirror, look at your yourself, and tell yourself that from this point on, “no more holding on to guilt. I forgive myself”

Stop Comparing Yourself

Jealousy is an ugly trait to have. Understand this… Everyone has a God given purpose. In that purpose, there’s a process. Your season will come. Don’t compare your first chapter to someone else’s 20th chapter.

Spend One Hour a Day on Your Favorite Hobby

Sometimes, life gets so overwhelming that we let it rush by, forgetting to spend time on our passions. Dedicate just one hour, or maybe half-hour, of your day to doing something you love to do.

Nourish Yourself

Eat foods that heal you, not foods that hurt you. Your body is your temple, and it deserves to be given all of the nutrients it needs and more. When you eat good, you feel good, and that’s  the whole point.

Meditation/ Prayer

For me, nothing makes me happier than the feeling I get when I’ve just prayed. Spending time in His presence assures me that everything is going to be okay, whether it turns out the way I’ve planned or not.

Count Your Blessings

Be grateful for what you’ve been given. And I don’t mean that in a lecture-y way; I mean that you should focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have, because it will truly make you a happier person.

I live everyday trying to maintain  my own happiness while trying my best to bring happiness to others as well. Faith and Gratitude are  the keys to happiness for me. I remind myself of the good in my life. I appreciate the good times and look at the challenging times as opportunities.

You only have one life to live, and you should be living it with a smile on your face. 🙂