15 Things That Happened When I Trusted God to Heal My Broken Heart


When I trusted God to heal my broken heart, amazing things started to happen.

Sometimes because of my human frailty, I still catch myself thinking about the past.  But instead of wallowing in hatred and being bitter, I just shrug off all the bad memories and tell myself that it was all for the best.  A great learning lesson.

Here’s 15 Things That Happened When I Allowed God to Heal My Broken Heart…

1. When I allowed God to heal my broken heart, anger no longer consumed me. Vindictive thoughts no longer occupied my mind.  Depression no longer gets the best of me.

2. I no longer think of the past with regret and hatred.  I no longer wish ill for the people who betrayed me.  

3. I no longer wake up not knowing what to do or where to go. I have found my purpose.

4. I have become more grateful than ever.  I finally quit my quest in searching for answers and reasons, and let not human understanding explain everything, but allowed my trust in God  to give me peace and surrender.

5. I finally welcomed joy again and rid myself of all bitterness in  my heart. I would not have known joy, if I had not known pain.

6. When I allowed God to heal my broken heart, He sent people not to help me understand how life works, but simply appreciate life as it is.  He gave me new friends and mentors who showed me that there’s  always hope, even for a heart that has been broken beyond repair.  

7. I became a witness. A living testimony. If I were not broken, I would not have witnessed the healing power of God’s love.  

8. I became more appreciative. I would not have learned how to appreciate each blessing that I have, had I not known loss.

9. I drew closer to God. I prayed more. I would not have felt His strength lifting me up had I not been down on my knees, defeated, beaten, and at my weakest.

10. I decided to guard my heart. Had I not experienced heartbreak, I would still  be naïve, thinking I could trust anybody who comes along and offers me a promising future.

11. I learned that only God could fill my empty love tank.  I would not have learned the true meaning of the verse “I can do all things I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

12. I learned to be more self sufficient. Before I would have been too compliant, too dependent on other people.

13. When I allowed God to heal my broken heart, I began to see life from a different perspective.  I have loved more selflessly, I have been more cautious, and I have learned to thank and praise God in every season.

14. I have summoned the courage to face a new day and I have learned to move on despite the fear of not knowing what is beyond what I can see.  

15. When I allowed God to heal my broken heart, I allowed Him to embrace me and to love me the way only He could.  I still get scared sometimes.  But not for long, and the fear is not as intense as it was before.  For God’s healing power is His perfect love, and perfect love casts out all fears. 

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What if 5 years have gone by and you’ve gone from tears and long prayer times to becoming numb to a God that refused your healing ? Now it’s ruining relationships in your life from anger. I’ve tried so many times to have faith… but maybe im being selfish wanting healing. Maybe it’s not his will I am healed. I don’t know what to do


Surround yourself with people who are healing as well. Seek p!aces to go like museum of bike trail or hiking. It’s okay to cry and let it all out.you also have to accept that it’s over mentally so your brain and body can start to heal. The most important stay in the word pray constantly !


so how exactly did you “Allow” god to heal your broken heart? I pray constantly and ask him to do the same, yet i still suffer. What did you do differently that Im not seeing? Thank you.


you should believe too

Blessing David

You also have to be self willing to let go of the pain and move on. I’ve learned that our will has to be in submission to what we pray about. That way, we’ll see results.

Your willingness to truly let go of the pain is expedient ’cause truly sometimes we’re not ready to. We prefer to wallow in self pity and depression..

Let go, and move on..God bless ?

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