Simone Williams

Simone is a high-school teacher who loves reading especially the Bible and spending time in prayer.

4 Things to Remember When You Step Outside of God’s Will

not god's will
Red flags are there for a reason Don't ignore the red flags. They are God's way of protecting you from something you can't see. If God does not approve of your relationship, believe you me - He will let you know. You just have to listen and act accordingly. Don't accept lying and cheating as a part of a relationship. Sometimes we are so...

3 Things to Remember When You’re Suffering

woman suffering
You don't have to do it alone. No matter what situation you find yourself in, remember God is in it with you.

Five Godly Ways to Deal With Your Enemies

Dealing with someone who dislikes you is never easy. It is like walking on eggshells. You are very uncomfortable and always uneasy because you're constantly butting heads. It is bad enough if it is a co-worker or boss but It is even more difficult if we live with the person(s) and cannot avoid interacting with him/her. So as Christians,...

3 Reminders About Ungodly Relationships

ungodly relationships
The one thing I want you to remember from this article is this... "If God is not in your relationship, you shouldn’t be either."

11 Bible Stories That Gives Us Hope

bible verses
When problems come your way, press on a little further ... and when you start to lose hope, hold on a little longer!

4 Ways to Get Back on Track With God

woman backslider
4 Ways to Get Back on Track With God One of the biggest struggles that a backslider faces is reconciling with God. There is a constant battle between what s/he knows that s/he should be doing and having the courage to do it. The desire to make things right with God is overshadowed by the fear of losing friends, being...

When The Devil Tries to Attack

If you're going through it... Just know there is power in prayer that even the devil can't stop.

There’s Power in Your Testimony

My devotion earlier this week dealt with the woman at the well's encounter with Jesus in John 4:1-42. I have read this story countless times. In fact, I can recount it from memory. But the Holy Spirit showed me the passage in a different light this time around. After the woman had her encounter with Jesus, the text says in...

3 Things To Do When It Seems Like Your Life is Falling Apart

When you completely trust God, you don't have to wonder if everything will be okay... You just know. Here are 3 Things To Do When It Seems Like Your Life is Falling Apart

When Staying Down Seems so Much Easier Than Getting Back Up

"God forgive me, I did it again. I really messed up this time. I'm really struggling with this sin and I just can't seem to be able to overcome it." How many times have we prayed a prayer like this? How many times have we come before God asking for forgiveness for this one sin or set of sins...

7 Things 2014 Taught Me

Someone asked me today if I had the opportunity to delete a year out of my life if I would. I thought for a minute and I responded that I wouldn't. The individual  then reminded me of some of my recent events that weren't so pleasurable and asked if I really would want to experience such events again. Without...

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

God gives us chance after chance. Even when we are not willing to give Him at least one.

When God’s Answer is Not The One You Want

When God’s Answer is Not What You Want
When God's answer is not the one you want just remember to Focus on Him and everything that is meant for you, will come to you.

3 Sure Ways To Overcome When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

3 Sure Ways To Overcome When You're Feeling Overwhelmed You woke up this morning with the problem on your mind. You’ve gone through the day with the problem on your mind. Chances are, you’re going to bed with the problem on your mind. In anguish you cry out: -“How could this be happening to me, Lord”? -“Why now, Lord?”. -“I can’t take this anymore, Lord!” -“I’m not...

Are You Trying To Cover Up Your Sins?

I had my bathroom redone a few years ago and so the tiles on the walls are fairly new. Today as I went about the task of cleaning them, for whatever reason, I just could not get a few of the stains between the tiles to move. I went into my arsenal and got out all the name-brand cleaners....