When Staying Down Seems so Much Easier Than Getting Back Up


“God forgive me, I did it again. I really messed up this time. I’m really struggling with this sin and I just can’t seem to be able to overcome it.” How many times have we prayed a prayer like this? How many times have we come before God asking for forgiveness for this one sin or set of sins that we just can’t seem to avoid? How many times have we felt ashamed and afraid to approach God about this issue? So we let the days run by all the while feeling guilty, waiting for the lightning bolt that will strike us down or some sign that God is displeased. We’re afraid to go to God because we think that He is going to get tired of us because we keep making the same mistakes over and over.

Overladen with guilt, our prayers are hurried and maybe even mumbled since our guilty conscience is  getting the best of us. We can’t worship or praise as we should all because of our guilty conscience (or so we think). This is how the trouble starts and how the devil is able to gain a toehold in our lives. He fools us into thinking we can’t overcome the sin and that if we ever mess up that God is going to beat us with a stick or reign down fire and brimstone until we do better. We forget that Jesus, when He was on earth, experienced every temptation that we are experiencing. We forget that He has already paid the price for ALL our sins – past, present and future and that all we need to do when we mess up is to go to Him and seek forgiveness. He is always ready and waiting to forgive us but we have to make the first move -1 John 4:7-10.

Whatever sin is weighing you down today and hindering you from giving God your best and the praise that is due Him – deal with it and quickly. We are in a race and we cannot run with a load – free up yourself!

Be blessed today!