4 Ways to Get Back on Track With God


4 Ways to Get Back on Track With God…

One of the biggest struggles that a backslider faces is reconciling with God.

There is a constant battle between what s/he knows that s/he should be doing and having the courage to do it. The desire to make things right with God is overshadowed by the fear of losing friends, being judged and rejection by God.

Hence, it is easier to stay in the current state plagued with overwhelming feelings of guilt than to take a bold step forward.

I speak from firsthand experience when I say that it takes a determined mind, deliberate effort and much prayer to take that bold leap back into the fold of Christ. But you can IF YOU REALLY WANT TO.

Here are 4 things to do once you notice that you are backsliding…

Simone Williams

Written by Simone Williams


Simone is a high-school teacher who loves reading especially the Bible and spending time in prayer.

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What bible can I read?! KJV, etc etc I feel I don’t trust that version. I need and want to read the true word of God asap!

Yes dady Jesus my name too

Anna Marasigan

More Grace Lord

Lauren Watson

Thank you God for love that never fails. You are the wind beneath my wings!

Logan Rocha Andrew Rocha Madisyn Rocha

Thanx God for me coming across this article. I need this so bad.


Thank You God For Loving Me

Yeah Lord show me real mercy


I am He the one who created. A humble man died and went to heaven. Viewing a big throne with a small group beside him, the man approach the throne. And the Lord In his throne with a thundering voice said to the man; I AM THE CREATOR. Knowing well who this man was, the Lord had asked the man. And who are you? The Man replied with humility. I am a sinner and I’m here to ask for your forgiveness. The creator asked: why do you deserve my forgiveness? Seeing The authority sitting in the throne he replied; I… Read more »

Amen…there is no other love like God’s…thank you God….for your loving me …I was lost but now am found..was blind but now I see…indeed my life I owe it to you now n forever..just give me the strength to carry on despite all you will allow to happen to me in my daily life..I trust n believe in you..Love you.

Amen!!! Karyna Fernández he Knows all, he’s an awesome God. Thank you lord.


Praying Woman, lately when I click on your page I get spam. Perhaps you need to run a virus scan. I ran mine and the spam is still happening.

Rosemary Ortiz <3

That is so true he knows before it even happened how great and powerful he is I love you lord thank you for loving me in spite of all my wrongs

Amen, thank you for that word of encouragement. I so needed it this morning.

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