3 Things to Remember When You’re Suffering

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3 Things to Remember When You’re Suffering

The most difficult part of any believer’s walk with Christ is the period when we’re facing trials and testings. It is the time when we feel the most emotional and mental anguish or pain. It is the time when we feel like God has abandoned us. It is the time when we feel as if God has turned his back on us and no longer hears our prayers. It is the time when we feel that God no longer cares since as a child of God, how can this thing be happening to me? It is a period when sometimes we do not know where to turn or who to turn to since God is seemingly ignoring us.

We pray and we pray and we beseech and we beg and we intercede but nothing happens. Nothing changes. We search for comfort in the scriptures and we read all of the well-known passages and we feel good for a while and then we’re back to square one. Nothing has changed. 
We hear the encouraging words and we nod and we smile but in our hearts we’re saying ‘I don’t know if I can make it’.

Sometimes what we’re going through can shake us to the core. Then we get to a breaking point – the point where we just can’t take anymore; the point where we are ready to give up; the point where we want to throw in the towel and say ‘I’m done’, ‘I’ve had enough’.

But I want to remind you of a few things:

Simone Williams

Written by Simone Williams


Simone is a high-school teacher who loves reading especially the Bible and spending time in prayer.

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Thank you father

Protect me god for my enemies are many in you r government i love you god turn there hearts help me god

srry its God nt god wen u write god that means u are talking about the idols


Oh thank u my lord


Amen..And Amen..


I felt like all these words were spoken for me at this very point of dissapointment and struggle. Thank you for this encouragement.

Heather Lyn ❤️❤️

Amen,thank you WOW

Linda Miller Fonseca

Amen !

Amen and amen thank you God for always being with me

Amen I needed to hear this myself!

Thank you Jesus Amen

Amen. I can’t tell you how much I needed to see this during this season of my life.

It was really lift my spirit thanks alot.

Amen….I needed to hear this right now, as I am going through a life storm….but, I know that God is in control!

Tasha Renae Tia Lee Sheila V Bibbs

Very Encouraging