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7 Ways To Make Bible Study Fun For Kids

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The bible is pretty clear.  It instructs us parents to teach our children God’s Word. But teaching a 6 year old who would much rather be running around carelessly about the bible can feel like mission impossible. How do you hold their attention? How do you communicate in a way they can understand?

What if I told you that your child could discover God’s truth in unforgettable ways, retaining up to 90 percent of what they’re taught? Not only that, but they’ll look forward to their bible lessons because every lesson is fun, playful, and packed with active learning. Kids shouldn’t just hear God’s Word. They should experience it!

Here are 7 Ways to make bible study fun for kids:

1. Be a team player- Children lead by example. They look up to us and are watching us even when we don’t realize it. Therefore we must also read God’s word. Share your excitement for learning about the bible and hopefully they will want to mimick you.

2. Books- There are tons of books ranging from baby to young adult that can help kids learn in a way they will understand.

3. Singing- When children are younger, it’s all about a good nursery rhyme. Use a tune from their favorite nursery rhyme (Twinkle, Twinkle,Old MacDonald etc.) and replace the words with scripture. You’ll be surprised how fast they will learn.

4. Act it out- Children are visual creatures. You can’t just tell them, you have to show them. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination. Dramatize with your actions, chalk talks, and puppets. The kids will love it!

5. Games– Children learn in many different ways and games provide an interactive and fun way to reinforce your message. They won’t even realize that they’re learning some of the most important lessons of their lives.

6. Competition- Add a little friendly competition for an even more fun twist. Each week, select a new child to be the winner of the ‘Participation’ award. This will boost the engagement and make learning more fun.

7.  Rewards/ Incitives- Don’t look at it as a bribe. Look at is as an incitive. Have your child memorize a scripture a week. Discuss the importance of the scripture with them. Reward them with small tokens/ gifts. It doesn’t have to be much. Stickers, Gift Cards, etc.

Kids retain more by interacting with a lesson instead of just hearing it. Discovering the Bible should be a fun, hands on experience that gets kids excited about learning God’s word.

What would you add to this list?